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  1. I'd say "don't do anything stupid", but reading that description, you've passed that point a long time ago... Do come back in one piece!
  2. We have a secure forum now but pretty much all threads before late 2018 are unusable, it's a real shame (I know it was necessary and appreciate the dev work put into the site, it's just a real shame how much got deleted)
  3. Do you want to share some pictures of your epower mod? I don't have the money to buy an epower for this system, but I might cut up an old VGA.
  4. Thank you so much guys, this kind of info is really hard to find. I'll bother you again once I run into my next issues... EDIT: Also, what would be your 604 motherboard of choice if you had the chance to pick one? Anything better than the PC-DL? I do want to run two CPUs though, not just one.
  5. Ah, that really sucks... got excited when I found this. Sure you can always compare results on the main site, but it's not the same as a curated thread like this. I recently got a PC-DL and wanted to steal some knowledge. There is a list of compatible CPUs that goes up to the 1mb 533FSB versions, but I wonder if anything else can run? And any way to get voltage control going without hardmodding the board? And any way to lock AGP so I don't screw it with FSB adjustments? Also I saw some results with BIOS flashed to some other boards, so I'm looking for experience on which BIOSes are suitable and give some merit. And lastly, how reliable these things are in OC. I want to use it for a retro system after, so I'd love to know if there are some limits I should not cross to keep it alive.
  6. Any way to salvage this thread? I wanted to get some info on 604, but it's blank for me
  7. 175€ shipped to Germany for #4?
  8. Okay, I will take them for 35€ Pls pm bank details or paypal, whichever you prefer
  9. How much for your GPU pot shipped to Germany? And any more info on the BBSE?
  10. Thank you, I did some research and realized my foolishness. It seems there are some decent Dual Socket 2011-1 boards, but all of them cost around three times as much as the old 2011. RIP my cheap dreams.
  11. Has anyone tried running E7 Xeons on regular Dual Socket 2011 boards that support E5? Looking at things like E7-4890v2, but I don't have the funds for the huge quad socket boards. I assume it won't work, but if anyone has experience, please let me know.
  12. Sad times. I never did as much overclocking on here as I wanted to, but websmile was always a reliable constant (and who I stole half of my RAM-settings from). Thank you very much for your work over the years!
  13. Your link is just sending me to the overview page, what is his name?
  14. I'm just glad we are done with gold everywhere. We went from brown PCBs to colorful PCBs, back to black and white motherboards with almost no colors except the RGB. Next gen with 15 different connector colors like in the early 2000s?
  15. Great result, don't mind a few haters. Just because one or two people scream louder than the rest does not mean they are the majority All the guys I showed this result to were amazed!
  16. When you think you are into cooling, but then this guy comes along and literally uses ln2 to get his weiner hard Around 9:28
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