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Gulftown Q3QP + 5870 + DICE first runs...


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Hey friends!


today I finally could manage my first single card session this year with my Gulftown fully DICE cooled. Hardware-wise it run quite smooth and I am very happy to report: all ok, no injuries, no deaths so far :D

GPU pot is hard to handle with DICE - temps go up to -45°C during longer benches like 06 and vantage, I am refilling all the time. I captured some videos of me benching, hope to find the time to cut and post them within the next days.


Pics from preparations:


alpu4iif.jpg mrm52eay.jpg neqfcnvc.jpg


and now the scores - maaaan I am starving for LN2, DICE is just not half as fun :P


Aquamark 3 375k @ 5476 MHZ CPU - had a run at 5.5 GHZ with over 380k but AM3 didn't liked me today and failed with grey stripes a couple of times ^^



3D Mark 2003 104k - just quickly benched at the very beginning...hate it still ;)




3D Mark 2005 43.6k - that's more like it, I like 05 sooo much, think 44k within the next days ;)



3D Mark 2006 - 31.1k GPU has some room just a "Save-Run"...




3D Mark Vantage Performance - 25.6k - wrong driver, but still not too shabby...hard to handly with DICE GPU as well as CPU...refilling all the time :eek:



Well that brought me back into TOP30 today and maybe I can gain some more places during the next days (still have 20kg+ DICE here)!




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