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  1. Like blurry mass?
  2. I'm an old timer...this free-space and non-winzipped design is confusing me
  3. SoF

    [FS] everything I own

    Not sure if I got this right but you quit over shitty X48 boards for 775 CPUs after all this time while G80 binning, CPU binning and a lot other stuff happened...the nail on the coffin was 4 REs dying...the only one who could hug you right now is stummerwinter I acutally hated the 775 + DDR3 times...damn I was fuming seeing my DDR2 builds with some GB boards went *poof* score-wise (not hw-wise...they were ROCKSTABLE) when I was just about getting somewhere...could make something out of IvyBridge (with a lot time + money) and then the "material war" kicked in HEAVILY AGAIN...ahhh well, I'm way beyond the point you are at now...age 35+ and two kids...overclocking ain't a good hobby at all then...better doing some tim taylor home building and alan titmarsch-stuff now All the best whatever you are going to do in the future, just leaving a virtual farewell here and saying it was an honor sharing many years of hobby with you and never forget the great times we had!
  4. I really need to get my 8700K running with XP and 01...then I'm finally home Happy 2020 to you guys as well!
  5. I love that 2 cascade setup pic - reminds me of benching with single stage on CPU (3770K probably) and cascade on G80s. Great work on that GPU, specially on the memory! Also 19k CPU score almost flat just gives that that result the final touch :)
  6. Breaking stuff @1.55Vcore not too shabby but looks like so many cores on so little space ain't liking vcore too much.
  7. I did some benching on Friday after seeing his results Don't have my cascade anymore so couldn't rush 6.2 GHZ right away...but maybe gonna get some DICE just to finally do the overall record
  8. Looks like somebody really wants an Ice Storm battle...well, well...challenge accepted!
  9. SoF

    Computex 2019

    Have fun sweating in Taipeh guys! 😛
  10. Today finally did the mod and everything seems to be fine so far except I can't install the USB drivers after flashing 1801 Bios. Do I need to use any special driver? After doing the mods and booting with 6600K everything worked fine including USB drivers. Flashed 1801 and I have USB in Bios but not in Windows (7) anymore. Tried reinstalling chipset and USB drivers but no success. It installed the ASMedia USB Root Hub and ASMedia USB3.1 extensible Host Controller but the normal USB-Controll fails during installation. €: after some more reading looks like only the red port works under XP/win7...that's fine I have a splitter running anyway so now the fun can start. Was pretty straight forward modding, thanks @Alex@ro and @dsanke @dreamcat4 for instructions and bios! Can't wait for some quad-damage https://i.imgur.com/pjgnCvR.png
  11. Yes this is very typicall for Bloomfield. They almost all only scale up to around -80 to -100°C and are not working beyond this point. Also you will face a pretty low voltage range (mostly up to a max of 1.6, maybe 1.65Vcore) where they will scale. I think I have never seen a Bloomfield which really scaled past 1.7V. Bloomfield was a pretty boring CPU generation except for that one Gem 975X stummerwinter had...could outperform anything by 500 MHZ and was the only CPU back then doing 6 GHZ. But this was a huge exception, usually it was 5400-5500 MHZ even for really good chips.
  12. Installed a Windows 8.1 yesterday and did a quick AM3 (have done nothing to the OS for optimizing, just installed Windows, ME-Drivers and GPU drivers) and had around 3k points more compared to Win 7 at 5555 MHZ. It looks like Win 8.1 reacts to small improvements in uncore freq. or memory-settings way better - I manged to get 530k with 5650 MHZ and it scales with ~8000 points per 100 MHZ. Together with some more memory tweaking and uncore (~ 1000 points per 100MHZ) this is going towards the right direction. I noticed a pretty nice boost in 05 - having 70k now with 5550MHZ and a 980 Ti. That's roughly 2.5k more than before on Win7. Unfortunatly I fetched a cold and the LN2 session planned for next week is not going to happen maybe But I'm trying to recover quickly, maybe can still do it.
  13. Thanks hiwa! Good to see you're still around That's really good to know, so no additional tools for clock monitoring and stuff. That's pretty nice to know. I benched some stuff with 13-13 end of last week-end and the results / performance was noticable better compared to my former CL14 setting so this might not be the end of the flag pole in optimizing. I'm currently cloning my pretty nice working win 7 and afterwards will go for Win 8.1 installation...I have an image already but need to prepare a usb stick first (or burn a DVD the old school way...as long as it works ) Thanks for all the input, I'm still crawling and digging out of my hole I've been in the last years Btw: Also got me an IX Apex which I plan to mod - it's too tempting to play with 2 or 3 GPUs (specially 7990+7970 or 3x 580) like in the old days
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome back and your input. I am digging my way back but after 6 years afk/afxoc I need to re-learn some basics and it's good to get some feedback. W8 is an OS I really don't want to touch, yet it seems there is no way around for some benchmarks. I haven't stuck my head deeper into this real time clock / clock issue yet and honestly...don't want to But there seems no way around so maybe this is my task for the next week...any raw direction if this will be a 1%, 5% or whatever bump in scores from what I'm currently looking at?
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