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So, i have:

C2D 6300@ 2.33

2*512 @ 350 3-3-3-9-1T 128Bit

nForce 4 SLi-X16 (Asus P5N32Sli SE Deluxe)

2xPalit 7900GS

ForceWare 94.20

WinXp Pro SP2

I cannot run CPu faster because of Mobo. It become unstable nearby FSB 335+.

The last results were with current clocks 550/1600

3DM06 - 58xx. I think it's so poor.

Drivers settings are:

Sli mode: on

Sli rendering: auto-select (balancing line divides the screen horizontally, to my mind it's a split rendering mode)

AA: force off

AF: force off

All of the other settings have been set as defaults.

Thid is my first experiment with SLI System. What i had done wrong?

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yep, there is indeed a problem?

And btw, the cpu won't go higher even with more voltage? :o

As you know this chipset does not beats the records in FSB Rate. So i had found that if FSB higher than 332- the sytem is able to pass CPU benching tests, but not 3D tests. As for voltage - the system is rock-stable at fsb 330, Vcore 1.45 (set by BIOS)/1.41 (as PCProbe shows), FSB Termination +0.1, NB Voltage +0.1. Vmem 2.1V. Memories are full stable upto 355 @ 3-3-3-9-1T 2.1V

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I remember when I first got my SLI rig running the scores we're lower then single card.


It's usually driver related but I'll ask this stupid question anyway, you do have the SLI bridge on there? Also make sure the SLI jumper is correctly configured.


Insofar as the driver version your running? ere's a link to the latest nForce-4 SLI 7.15


And for the lastest graphic card drivers your running them. Sometimes overclocking your videocards isn't recommended since theres always a point of diminishing returns.


Another scenario which can effect cards in SLI are the BIOS of each card.Here is a link to NiBiTor Ver.3.0a BE CAREFUL! Do not flash anything until you've studied the instructions completely.

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