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Videocard specifications requests : Video card and two mother board addtions to data base


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Priority: Medium


I have a ATI x800 AGP card that is not in the data base. As I researched into the already submited AGP cards, they have at the top of the GPU-Z video card name, the GTO/PRO/VE/XL/XT-PE in subcatagories, the video cards are labeled as such.\r\n \r\nThe video I have is labeled as \"Series\" and lacks any spasific higher ranked desination above a plain jane x800. Being that I am the one testing the overclockabilities of this card...it has been bined by the manufacturer correctly, if refuses to go over 520/520 and 3Dmark03 fails to pass at 425/425 and has random lockups at various later stages within 3Dmark03. I just now as typing this got the card to pass at 400/400 in 3dmark03. This card is a lemon for as old it is.\r\n I purchased this card in a large computer store after pci-e socket775 motherboards were available. I made the choice to stick with s478 and just upgrade from an nVidia fx5200 ultra to an Ati x800 video card. Quite a long time ago, as it turned out, I skiped the whole socket 775 generation.\r\n\r\n http://i41.tinypic.com/zxl82o.jpg\r\n\r\nI also need two motherboards added to the data base so I can submit \" referance clock submisions \"\r\n\r\n\r\nThis is for an Intel motherboard D865GLC\r\n http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=980120 This is for a PC-Chips M598, this motherboard has no network addaptor to connect to the internet and cpu-z save varification file fails on this motherboard, this all available information. \r\n http://hwbot.org/community/submission/966453_1badmojoe_pifast_k6_2_533mhz_735.75_sec

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