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Apolligies if this is wrong section, but recently Ive been experiancing a couple of bugs!


When trying to view some ppls profiles by clicking on thier forum signature I keep getting this msg >





Even though the account hasnt been deleted, I also see it sometimes with results that havnt been deleted too.


Also just recently the ''no hotlinking to hwbot'' banner keeps showing up on site, mostly it appears on users that have changed the country flag>






But it is also blocking me from viewing some entry screenshots aswell>






These things have only just recently starting happening in maybe the last week or so, before that it was all ok :)



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This is getting really fustrating now, I cant view any screenshots at all !!

Im guesing its just me having this problem, is there anything I can do to stop it????


I havnt made any changes to my browser recently and as said the hotlinking thing has only just started showing all the time over the last week or so!



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