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Create "disclosure" field on user account pages

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If there were a disclosure field, several things could happen, all of which seem positive. I can't think of any negatives.


Many people wonder about certain users. Who they are, how they are able to do what they do, or how sponsored are they?


- We could put details in the disclosure field about our hardware (I bench with a couple boards provided by a manufacturer, I got a Revodrive once, everything else I submit with I've purchased)

- We could put details in the disclosure filed about who we are (I could disclose that I manage Overclockers.com. Other people could disclose who is in a group account - I don't know who all is in Team.AU or if/when it changes. Same goes for Amateurs - I know one guy, but not sure who else and if they usually bench together. Other accounts like this also, I don't know who I am benching against, and that doesn't feel very "community". Disclosure field would fix this)

- We could put details in the disclosure field about our cooling (LN2 price, if our cooling is sponsored)

- We could put details in the disclosure field about any industry associations (Like "I run a computer shop", or "I work with a computer shop who provides samples when I need them", or "I get to bin dozens of CPUs before buying from my local computer shop")


So ya, a disclosure field would be cool. It doesn't have to be used or enforced. However if it at least existed, anyone could choose to use it if they felt so inclined or not. The disclosure field could be a text field we can just fill out, or it could list certain specific questions - Do you work in the PC hardware industry? What usernames bench under thsi account? Do you receive more or less than $XXX in sponsorships annually?

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