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  1. By the way, we usually run a copy or another app, to keep the xp startup under 220.
  2. Read the rules for pcm05. XP start up is limited to 220. The other tests don't have artificial limits. You can debate if this is a fair rule, but no point arguing with other members who are trying to inform you... Contact staff to complain about their rules.
  3. MSI 580 Lightning. Never benched on LN2/Air, stock condition. $225
  4. 1 150L Dewar (tank) - *Tested* - Vacuum is good (it holds cold well, walls don't sweat/frost). This was my primary dewar for the past year or two, and it works great. Heatware Feedback is 35-0-0: click here This is the 3rd unit of this exact same model I have sold. One was sold to Janus67, the other was sold to icebob... This is my personal dewar and has been filled with over 2000L over the past year or so. It holds very well. Description and Price: 1 150L Dewar (tank) $400 + shipping ================================================ Shipping: Shipping Metho
  5. Ya, people may be less likely to fill in all the fields... That is a downside. I often fill in more than I need to, to help myself later so I remember what I did and how. It also may not be ideal to sort of trick people into filling it all out. Maybe achievements or other motivators can be used to encourage filling in as much detail as possible, and bring more attention to why supplying the data is useful. I dunno. Would be cool if there are other ways to get that data. I think the pre-populate fields logic was a major step forward. Making new submissions easier for newbs probably isn'
  6. The most common challenge I see for new members is filling out the new submission form. It is overwhelming, there are dozens of fields that can be filled in and its not painfully clear which ones are optional and which are required. In reality, there are only a few required fields. Submitting would be more accessible to new people if they were presented with the required fields in its own section at the top of the new submission page, and then optional fields were below in their own section.
  7. Thanks for the updates. Glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully someone will find out what dependency we're missing.
  8. I am not goodguy matt in Ohio on ebay. I'm imogocf there - this is only listed on forums.
  9. I agree sometimes, but probably not most times. I think if we could figure out how to also account for who you beat, this situation could be improved. If you are 1 out of 10, a lot of the time its a bunch of noobs who aren't sure what they are doing. But other times, there is contention for top ranks against one or two other skilled players in the same ranking. If you beat someone else with a lot of gold cups, maybe you should get some bonus points. (Goes back to my idea of not just how many you beat, but also who you beat) Mainly, where I agree with you for example, is that what you do ve
  10. I don't think we are penalizing alternative routes, just rewarding oddball setups with fewer points - there are a ton of leagues, rankings, and rewards that can be sought after... If the only reason people are benching certain things is to get the 60 globals, then motivations are in the wrong place. This only seems like a penalty, because by unexpected side effects of the old algorithm, it provided ways to exploit massive points which weren't intended - edge/odd cases hadn't been taken into consideration previously. This makes sure there is a reward, but also that the reward isn't totally out
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