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Titan's hardmod almost ready

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Hi people from HWBOT,

I know here is the house of the best, so, I would like a little help to complete the VGPU hardmod to Titan.

This happen, because the software is crap (Afterburner also Firestorm), and its limited to 1.2V.


Then I know the mod, but I don't know what resistors I need to replace and what resistors I need to remove, to complete the mod.

Also, would like someone confirm what side (or if there are a mandatory side) of the capacitor to put the 5K wire to the ground.


+ 1 thing:


I removed 2 resistorsby side of the cap and I did measure, and it is a 100 Ohm.... and another 2 one, have no resistence (0 ohm)


Please help me with this puzzle, because the hardmod infos are incomplete.


Thanks in advance.... is a pleasure to be know this website... is my fisrt post and I hope to be with you.





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