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What CPU model should I claim I have?

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My CPU is QBC1 which is i7 Iy Bridge. It is shown as 3720QM ES in CPU-Z but clearly is not because of 55W TDP, unlocked multipier, 8MB cache etc. Its base clock is 2.6Ghz and that's why CPU-z is mislead. It has different iGPU default clock and TurboBoost default bins than neither 3720QM nor 3920XM have.


So here is my question: what should I claim I have? I don't want my benchmarks become not valid here if I will post them for 3920XM while CPU-z screenshot will show 3720QM.

BTW on 3DMark this CPU is recognized as 3720QM since today when I posted a question and gave the same info.


EDIT: I will choose to claim 3720QM because i7-3720QM has limited OCing up to 4 bins while I will not overceed those because of 120W power brick (AC).

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