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Well...I have returned


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Hello all,

I took some time off because of the birth of my daughter (she's 3 years old now), but I felt it was time to return. I expected my rankings to diminish with the fact that I have not overclocked in some time now with any submissions.

However, I noticed that a particular individual wanted to "critique" my submissions after a period of at least one year. The rules for the submissions in 2007 were not identical as in 2008,and naturally I don't own or hoard my equipment after I'm done testing so there is no way to duplicate a memory timing shot from 3 years ago.

So Jona101 and demiorg after well over a year would like to call foul on any of my overclocks...well.:rolleyes:

I have no need to falsify anything that I do...some individuals might.

And if I did it better than you then,why wait an entire year after the submission rules change to try an overturn my scores that were ranked gold over you?

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