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Feature requests : no sound


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I can\'t figure out what I\'m doing wrong I\'m using an ASUS A7V880\r\nmobo with an ati radeon hd2600\r\nAGP graphics card (I mention the graphics card because during it\'s instalation it also loaded an hd audio driver which I thought may be causing a conflict) I have checked the board bios and ac97 onboard audio is enabled as well as instant music is on in windows it says in the hardware manager that everything is enabled and working properly but still no sound I even made sure all updates available were installed and still no sound I\'m about to get a seperate sound card the only reason I haven\'t is when I used the computer for myself I know I had sound so now that I passed it down to my oldest son.

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hmm, which OS are you using?

have you flashed your bios recently?

a friend of mine had a similar problem, because he flashed a bios which was for a different sound onboard manufactor. the sound wasn't working proberly after that.




btw. you posted this in the wrong forum section. the "helpcenter/support" is for requests to add new video cards and cpus to the database. ;)

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