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Hello everyone I am new to the forum and as of now I apologize for the bad English


Just today I bought a 4670k with an asus gene VI Hero. I need some info given that here in Italy I have not found anything Childbirth with questions


1:Firstly, what is the maximum vcore that you can give (to realize)


2:Cooling to liquid what are the maximum temperature


3:The principle of OC is the same as the soket 1155? Modify only the multiplier and vcore Or are there other items to stabilize the cpu


4:What should I disable instead?


Thanks in advance for help, I hope it is quite understandable what I wrote and that the section is the right one

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I guess you're talking about water-cooling?


Haswell is pretty much the same for moderate overclocking like ivy bridge. Depending on the quality of your CPU you should aim for about 4,3 GHz for 24/7 usage.


Usually 1,25 Volt is enough on the vCore. Just keep track on your temperatures and don't exceed 80°C on the core. That should be safe.


For the detailed OC you should read a good OC-Guide tho. Can't explain everything in this one posting.


Sin made a good one for GIGABYTE but the process applies for ASUS aswell: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=78510

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yes, I cool it with water, then I now with a 3570K at 4.5 ghz v1.22.

I would like to get to at least the 4.5 and I would not be satisfied since I'm moving to a new platform I would like to see the minimum gain.


from the link I've posted, (thank you) I see that there is talk of uncore returns you to make con though the uncore?

and is tied directly to the memory as in 1366 or if it is?

There are no special instructions?

to speak to 4.5ghz uncore should put a precise value and then try to climb to increase performance?

I continue to apologize for the bad English, I guess only the effort to understand me

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