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Feature requests : mobile core iX hw db fixes


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Ticket ID: 1748


Priority: Low


Move:\r\nIntel Core i3 330M\r\nIntel Core i3 350M\r\nIntel Core i3 370M\r\nIntel Core i3 380M\r\nIntel Core i5 450M\r\nIntel Core i5 460M\r\nIntel Core i5 480M\r\nIntel Core i5 540M\r\nIntel Core i5 560M\r\nIntel Core i5 580M\r\nIntel Core i7 620M\r\nIntel Core i7 640M\r\nIntel Pentium P6000\r\nIntel Pentium P6100\r\nIntel Pentium P6200\r\nfrom socket 1156 to socket 989. Source\r\nOptional: Rename socket 989 to 988A, though CPU-Z reports different here it should be more correct.\r\n\r\nPlease add CPU:\r\nIntel Celeron P4500, source\r\nIntel Pentium P6300 source\r\n\r\nNext move;\r\nCore i3 330UM\r\nCore i5 U470\r\nCore i7 620UM\r\nCore i7 640UM\r\nCore i7 660UM\r\nfrom socket 1156 to bga 1288 source\r\nAlso move,\r\nCore i3 380M\r\nfrom socket 989 to bga 1288\r\n\r\nAdd CPU:\r\nIntel Core i3 330E\r\nIntel Celeron 4505\r\nIntel Core i5 430UM\r\nIntel Core i5 560UM\r\nIntel Core i5 520E\r\nIntel Core i5 520UM\r\nIntel Core i5 540UM\r\nIntel Core i5 560UM\r\nIntel Core i7 610E\r\nIntel Core i7 620LE\r\nIntel Core i7 620UE\r\nIntel Core i7 640LM\r\nIntel Core i7 660LM\r\nIntel Core i7 660UE\r\nIntel Core i7 680UM

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