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Videocard specifications requests : add Haswell IGP lineup


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Ticket ID: 1752


Priority: Medium


New try...\r\nPlease add following IGPs:\r\nModel, Core\r\nHD Graphics (Haswell), GT1 Haswell //will be in Celerons and Pentiums, already exists in server cpu\'s//\r\nIris Pro 5200 graphics, GT3e Haswell\r\n\r\nMobile:\r\nModel, Core\r\nMobile HD Graphics 4200, GT2 Haswell\r\nMobile HD Graphics 4400, GT2 Haswell\r\nMobile HD Graphics 4600, GT2 Haswell\r\nMobile HD Graphics 5000, GT3 Haswell\r\nMobile Iris 5100 graphics, GT3 Haswell\r\nMobile Iris Pro 5200 graphics, GT3e Haswell\r\n\r\nI like the idea of consistent name scheming, although HD 4200, 4400, 5000 and 5100 have no desktop counterpart (yet).\r\nI also added \"Haswell\" to the Core names of the category\'s to clearly separate them from SB and IB. Else the users could think that they are based on the same chip, which they are of course not by far. \r\nPlease rename:\r\n\r\nGMA HD P4600 (GT2), GT2 to HD Graphics P4600, GT2 Haswell\r\nThe braces are not in the official product name nor does P4600 exists with other flavors.\r\nGMA HD 4600, GT2 to HD Graphics 4600, GT2 Haswell\r\nDon\'t let you confuse by GMA HD3600 which is PowerVR based, all IGPs on Intels Core CPU series are named \"HD Graphics\", also GPU-Z displays it this way.

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