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Delay on Points for WPrime 1024M score


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Curious, what's the reason for the delay on some scores being posted? Sometimes a submission gets new points right away, other times they don't.


Here's one that has no points shown at the moment.




When my companion WPrime 32M bench was submitted it got points immediately.


Points are up now, see following comment in next post.

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Edit: Several hours later I notice the WPrime 1024 submission points are up, but the question remains:


Why are points sometimes awarded immediately and other times delayed - occasionally delayed for quite a long period - several hours in some cases?


This is not a complaint. Merely a curious question. :>)

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When you make a submission, the ranking you submit to (eg 4 core wprime 32m), get marked as dirty. A job recalculates the dirty rankings one by one.


Sometime a ranking is not marked as dirty (due to bug or wrong submission which is edited afterwards), which causes the ranking not be recalculated until someone else submits a 4 core wprime 32m score. Actually it's a bit more complicated than that but you get the general idea why some are instanious and some are not.

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Hey, thanks for the reply, RB.


I understand what you said as a concept.


On my specific WPrime 1024M linked above, did I mistakenly submit that as a 4-core? It was a single core chip in a single core class so I didn't even notice the number of cores in the submission. Must have just assumed it would automatically fall into the single core classification.


Let me know if you would. If I made a mistake in that submission I need to correct that in the future.



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