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Processor specifications requests : am386dx-40


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hi there, i need this cpu to be added to the list so i can start posting scores. i don\'t have a cpu-z screenshot or a valid canardpc link because this is a 386 and the highest OS\'s that i can install on it to run some benchmarks are windows nt3.51 and windows95 and none of those can run a recent version of cpu-z properly. Old versions of cpu-z can run on this computer though, but they don\'t give any information so i used alternative tools.\r\n\r\nhere is the screenshot\r\nhttp://img46.imageshack.us/img46/1796/cpuid.png\r\ncpuchk detects the type of cpu but not the correct frequency and testcpu detects all informations just fine\r\n\r\nhere is the photo of the cpu\r\nhttp://img822.imageshack.us/img822/2881/dsci0078w.jpg\r\nthe photo has a high detail so it\'s possible to zoom in and clearly see what\'s written on it just to confirm that the info. given by the software is valid\r\n\r\nthanks

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