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exodusprime1337 - Phenom II X6 1090T BE @ 6580MHz - 10sec 453ms SuperPi


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I will vouch for the mobo used , he screwed up when he took his screenshot and has times a tad slower with it. Also he has many photos to back it up.


If anyone want's to call me a liar and be unsportsman like feel free to reject it ;)

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thanx chew* for the backup. I can assure you it was on a gigabyte board, the same board we benched his chips in. I'm a bit new to the extreme overclocking and was unfamiliar with the layout of the os we setup for the runs. I screwed up on the screenshot, half out of the excitement that came from the score, and half because i was worried the thign was gonna let go on me. Please forgive the transgression, i assure you it was on a gigabyte board,and i've got more ss to show if needed of the chip in the rig, "random retail" as the chips is called. It's a release day purchase from microcenter week10 lapped to the copper. Onceagain, i'm sorry about the screw. Please let it go through for me?


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