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Doubtfull Fire Strike on W8

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First, sorry to Martix,nothing personal at all and I don't do that to grab my cup back...


I think it's result is affected by W8 RTC issue, see the low Physics, vga and cpu clock under mine, same drivers and I used clean and optimized OS (and bunnyextractionty cpu/ram btw).


As Martrix is new in enthusiast league and submited before W8 RTC issue was know I think he don't have knowledge to see it's result might be buged and out of the line.



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Something that I've noticed in all of the new 3dmark beches, is that when the graph shows "no monitoring data," the score is always inflated. It's as if it were a bugged run. I've run several times where at same clocks I get a run that shows that and the score is 100-200 points higher than a run with the graph.


For competitions on Hwbot, the graph is mandatory or the result is invalid. I don't think this applies to the regular rankings though. I have not seen it in the rules, but when are those ever up to date.

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