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  1. thanks, score might be a little lower than it should be. probably easy to beat
  2. Yea, finally got it working. Asked Alexro for suggestions and it seemed to do the trick. Thanks to everyone else as well. Pointers from everyone helped. 4 yrs away and new platform is tricky. Glad I never had to deal with delidding and cracking tim.
  3. was bad time, couldn't get chip to run full pot. This was -180 quick test to get an idea. Spent more time trying to get it to run full pot.
  4. I didn't really try, ran 6.5 for a run, then had issues, probably gpu. So set it back down to 6g, then ran a few, then card was wet and didn't run anymore. I admit, I was lazy.
  5. First thing i ran cold after 4 yrs away. Was slacking on the cpu. Picked it up used on a forum and did no pre-testing.
  6. Mikecdm

    Is Team USA organizing for Country Cup somewhere?

    Run all the benches, distribute scores among countrymen
  7. Anyone have a spare display port cable?
  8. Mikecdm

    CES 2017 - Who's Going?

    You can always stay with someone else and then sneak out in the morning before they wake up.
  9. Mikecdm

    Closet Cleanout: Motherboards, DDR4, CPU

    They're probably mfr, I bought them a long time ago and have never been used. What a waste of money. Sort of in the process of being sold.
  10. For sale a bunch of stuff from yesteryear. Paypal is preferred method of payment. Prices include US shipping, international is paid by buyer. Heat: Mikecdm 1. Asus F1A75-V Pro w/ A8 3870 -$105 board and cpu combo only, nothing else included. 2. Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 - $50 or combo with 6800k. comes with all retail accessories and packaging. 3. Gigabyte F2A88x-UP4- $70 or combo with 6800k comes with all retail accessories and packaging. 4. Asus Crosshair V formula - $125 board only, nothing else included 5. Asus Crosshair V formula - $135 comes with box, i/o shield and some accessories 6. Gigabyte P55-UD4p -doesn't work, not for sale anymore board only, nothing else included 7. EVGA P55 classified.- $125 SOLD have box and accessories, not sure if all is there. 8. Gigabyte Z97X- Soc Force - $115 board only, nothing else 9. Asus P5B "deluxe" $65 pcb says p5b-e plus but it's physically a deluxe. has mods done to it for vcore, vdimm, mch. Can also run 771 cpu. 10. Asus P5E64 WS Evolution - doesn't work, not for sale anymore comes board only. Hard to find DDR3 board 11. Phenom II 560 BE $30 unlocks to quad 12. Phenom II 555 BE $25 unlocks to quad 13. Phenom II 960T - $65 unlocks to 6core 14. FX 8350 $105 15. Hyper X Predator 2666c13 $125 4x4 kit, never been used.
  11. Mikecdm

    Updating my feeling

    I would have to agree with both allen and roman. No competition in these rankings is mainly because of the price. Dropping $1k on a 980ti or modding a $1k titan is a lot of money. Even when they were $700-800 it was a lot but it keeps going up. I see the lack of "reward" in terms of points is a direct result of the costs involved. If one were to look at the top of the leaderboards for single vga 3d (consisting of 980ti, titanx, etc), the only competition around is that which comes from vendors or people working closely with the vendors. The average enthusiast just doesn't have the means to compete. On the other hand, 2d is more affordable and thus more submissions. You get a boost in points for those same guys working alongside the vendors or those who are working for the vendors.
  12. the sempy is smashing, i'll keep an eye out for the 6.5ghz run