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  1. An alternative is to just run the full installer, the normal one that works on w10. It will give some errors and it won't work. But then the xp version will work correctly and show numbers afterwards.
  2. Thanks guys, still need lots of work. I've had it for a few days, really wanted to try it out. It's different for sure. It feels like it's a black hole. With old pot you pour and the level rises quickly. This pot it seems like i can just keep pouring and Ln2 goes somewhere, but doesn't fill up. Not that i'm trying to fill it up, just that i'm used to pot filling and i have to wait.
  3. did you enable the option in the bios? I think it's called extreme tweaking or something like that.
  4. I'm pretty sure that i used the same version for all OS. With xp however, on some of the coffee lake bios, the multi won't go passed whatever is set in bios. In that case, you need to set multi high in bios, then boot in with slow mode. Once in windows you can lower multi or raise it, but can't exceed what was set in bios.
  5. Thanks, was happy to find that my chip could clock high enough to break 10k
  6. Possibly with very high clocks, but I don't have a cpu that can do it. Sounds about right. Different os score differently in different tests. Core count helps a bit to a point. Thanks to every one else. Maybe by end of the month we see higher scores.
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