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  1. thanks, i tried slightly higher clocks but -01 randomly closed and i didn't care anymore. Getting this to boot into windows is also a pain.
  2. Pad come off cpu, stuck to pin and missing a pin. Was still running when i turned it off.
  3. This makes good sense, sadly you can't buy a second hand apex anything for under $100 which is more than the price difference between dark and apex xi. So you're saying that the Apex boots faster and has software that works. Only thing not to like is that it doesn't support XP. In that case, what new does the dark offer? Slow boot, software that doesn't work, xp support which was available on prior apex models. To me it looks like it's all about trade-offs and what one is willing to give up.
  4. That'd probably work and cost less
  5. I think the rookie makes a valid point. Perhaps turning off balanced mode would allow you to make a proper submission and prevent this in the future.
  6. thanks, score might be a little lower than it should be. probably easy to beat
  7. Yea, finally got it working. Asked Alexro for suggestions and it seemed to do the trick. Thanks to everyone else as well. Pointers from everyone helped. 4 yrs away and new platform is tricky. Glad I never had to deal with delidding and cracking tim.
  8. was bad time, couldn't get chip to run full pot. This was -180 quick test to get an idea. Spent more time trying to get it to run full pot.
  9. I didn't really try, ran 6.5 for a run, then had issues, probably gpu. So set it back down to 6g, then ran a few, then card was wet and didn't run anymore. I admit, I was lazy.
  10. First thing i ran cold after 4 yrs away. Was slacking on the cpu. Picked it up used on a forum and did no pre-testing.
  11. Run all the benches, distribute scores among countrymen
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