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[FS]Crazy good G.Skill PSC!


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With sadness i have to sell my best kit of psc due to some problems with car and need of money.This is my result of binning dozens of kits with this coming as the best from all of them.


They do:


2600 7-12-7-27 twcl 6 ultra tight 32M at 1.96V all air 25 ambient

2666 8-12-7-27 twcl 6everything ultra-tight can run 32M all day at 1.87V(25 celsius ambient)

2722 8-12-7-27 twcl 6 ultra-tight 32M at 1.95(~20 ambient)

2600 7-12

2666 6-11-6-28 ultra-tight twcl 6(could be tighter but was first play) on dice -60 degrees and 2.16(can run also @2.11 but had that just to be sure)

2712 6-11-6-28 twcl 6made half a run of 32M at 2.20 still on dice.


When i say ultra-tight i mean tweaked for 32M and stretched almost to limit,i do not test with twcl 8 or something.


8155 pcb guarantees no problems with cold so these should be prime candidates fo 2800 cas 6 run.


They come with full package,excellent condition vizual and functional and all results are guaranteed given you provide them a decent IMC and similar parameters as mine.


Price: 500$ or 400E,+ shipping(about 20E to europe and us,other countries please pm me first).













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