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Repopulating limitation - can't change GPU clocks!

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Guys, when overclocking or pushing for lowest possible clocks, there are usually plenty of runs, witch differ only by the clocks used. This is IMHO quite normal and one could save most of the time by just choosing the prepopulated hardware values from previous submissions...


Or so I thought. But I was wrong! No-one can do that, because the GPU clocks are LOCKED and cannot be altered from the previous submission prepopulatd fields...!




And I done some quite similar submissions:


3_DMark2003_FX5200_22_80_131marks.jpg 3_DMark2003_FX5200_16_80_96marks.jpg 3_DMark2003_FX5200_14_76_83marks.jpg


...witch should not require re-entering all the HW over and over again (XTU not work on W2k...)...


This is IMHO quite serious limitation and should be fixed ... please.

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Yep, I trying this - just edit the old and copy to the new... But that is very likely to create some errors, so it is not a best way... This and the DDR3-insist bug is quite annoing. Let's hope someone look at this soon...


What can I to do help? ATM I only waste resources by finding too many bugs... lol

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