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I need HELP!! How do i delete my account or submissions??

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Hy there,


i tried to contact an admin, and went to the helpdesk, but unfortanly noone actet or wrote back..

So i have this BIG PROBLEM, i submittet 2 WRONG Things,

First i submitted a 3Dmark Vanatge score in the PC mark Vabntage Section, and i need it to be deletet. But i cant delet it by myself, whats totaly stupid..

and i made one wrong submission without CPU-Z screen, casue i simply forgot it..


sow, what should i do?


Please help me out guys...I wanna make good submissions but these 2 Things needs to be deletet FIRST, why isnt here an Moderater or Admin? where are you GUYS ????


Please contact me...i dont wanna hurt my Clan....


greetz Beta13

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Thank you very much..


here are the 2 Links from the stuiff that NEEDS to be deleted:










Thanks again very much, wont happen again ;)

i do know now how to post and do the tests...


happy HWBotting :)


greetz Beta13

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