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[FS]Monster 4670K -7100MHz!


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Hi there. I really don't want to sell my CPU, but I must because I need some money. So I'm selling my 4670K

Some results:




I think it isn't max for my cpu since I used high memory divider and memory frequency on air, if would I set memory on LN2 with PSC I think cpu clock would be higher. Also note my cpu able to run 2D test with very high cache with Vring about 1.6-1.7V

I checked the CPU 2 days ago on air it runs SuperPi 32m at 5000MHz 1.2V without any issue, so i think my chip isn't degraded


My price is 2000 USD/1460 EUR EMS worldwide shipping included.

You can think that the price is too high, but I don't think so, because is the best 4670K for now. And I know some guys have tested about 100 CPUs and haven't found any CPU comparable with that

I accept WU transfer, it is the best for me, because in Ukraine we can't use PayPal for acceptance money.

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