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Overclocking impact GPU


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I had a blog a bit like yours for a while until I got bored.

Mine was more about the CPU, what I did find though was that if you put a powerful graphics card with a weak cpu you get worst performance than a weak graphics card and a weak cpu.

Also some games work better with nvidia cards (Skyrim) and some work better with AMD (Shogun 2 Total War).

Newer AMD FX processors are hopeless with older Nvidia graphics cards (GTX260).

Then there is crossfire / SLI and varying amount of graphics memory to consider.

Graphics memory becomes more important the more powerful the card is especially in crossfire or SLI.

Games like Skyrim which use a lot of GPU graphics mem are affected by the speed of the system memory.

The variables, benchmarks and configurations are never ending.....

Shame I shut my site down only a couple of months ago, you could have took it off me for a small price, had loads of results and info but I stopped working on it about a year ago to concentrate on my motorcycle site.

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