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Videocard specifications requests : Intel GMA db fixes


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  • Crew

Ticket ID: 1814


Priority: Low


yeah yeah yet another one :D\r\nI just give you the full list of Intel GMA here, didnt made changes to all (but most) ;)\r\n\r\n[combine]\r\n82852 Integrated Graphics 1x Montara \r\nand 82855 Integrated Graphics 1x 855GME \r\nto: 82852/82855 Integrated Graphics 1x Montara \r\n\r\nGMA X3100 (GL960, GLE960) 1x GMA X3100 \r\nand GMA X3100 (GM965, GME965) 1x GMA X3100 \r\nto: GMA X3100 (GM965, GME965, GL960, GLE960) 1x Crestline\r\nReasons for this is that GPU-Z cant distinguish between those and apart from that, these shouldnt have an extra category anyway because they are just different chipsets featuring the same gpu. \r\n\r\n[rename]\r\nname, core\r\n82810 Integrated Graphics, 1x Whitney \r\n82815 Integrated Graphics, 1x Solano \r\n82830 Integrated Graphics, 1x Almador \r\n82845G Integrated Graphics, 1x Brookdale \r\n82852/82855 Integrated Graphics, 1x Montara \r\nmerged \r\nGMA 900 (915G), 1x Grantsdale \r\nGMA 950 (945G), 1x Lakeport \r\nGMA 950 Mobile (945GME, 945GSE), 1x Calistoga \r\nGMA 3000 (946GZ, Q963, Q965), 1x Broadwater\r\nGMA 3100 (G31, G33, Q35, Q33), 1x Bearlake \r\nGMA 3150, 1x Pineview \r\nGMA 4500 (B43, Q43, Q45), 1x Eaglelake \r\nGMA 4500M (GL40, GS40), 1x Cantiga \r\nGMA 4500MHD (GM45, GS45), 1x Cantiga \r\nGMA 500 (UL11L, US15L, US15W), 1x SGX535 \r\n82865G Integrated Graphics, 1x Springfield \r\nGMA 900 Mobile (915GM), 1x Alviso\r\nGMA 950 Mobile (945GM), 1x Calistoga\r\nGMA 3600, 1x SGX545 \r\nGMA X3000 (G965), 1x Broadwater\r\nmerged \r\nGMA X3100 (GM965, GME965, GL960, GLE960), 1x Crestline\r\nGMA X3500 (G35), 1x Bearlake\r\nGMA X4500 (G43, G41), 1x Eaglelake \r\nGMA X4500HD (G45), 1x Eaglelake \r\ni740, 1x Auburn\r\n\r\nI can give u a file if that would be easier for you.

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  • Crew

ok, i renamed everything.


i merged the "GMA X3100 (GL960, GLE960) 1x GMA X3100" and "GMA X3100 (GM965, GME965) 1x GMA X3100" to "GMA X3100 (GM965, GME965, GL960, GLE960) 1x Crestline"


82852 and 82855 seems to not work right, i'll try to fix it later.


the rest should be ok now?

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