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NiBiTor Memory Timings


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Hi all


I've been trying to figure out how to adjust mt 9600GT's memory timings in the nvidia bios editor program.


The only understandable part of it for me is the detailed timings window which has similar names than secondary RAM timings.


So first I select "autoselect timingset" and I get a message that my timingset is timingset nr.3



Then it shows 9 sets of detected timings in some kind of 8-digit code which is the first thing that confuses me...



I then open the "detailed timings" and relax the timings.




Now I see that some of the 9 8-digit codes has changed



And if I open the "test timings" window and click on "GetTimings" I see the 8-digit codes are still as they were before I adjusted the detailed timings.



So my question is: Do I need to copy & paste the new 8-digit values into the "test timings" window and select "SetTimings" and check for stability/better overclocking?


Another thing I noticed was when I copied and pasted the timings and applied them one by one the GPU crashes when I do "TIMINGS7". Is this related to a certain timing in the detailed timings - because the detailed timings only has 7 groups while the 8-digit timings has 9 groups?


And while am at it asking so many questions - these timings all seem like secondary or tertiary timings, is it possible to change the CL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS which I suppose would have a greater effect?

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