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Radeon X600se submissions checks please


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I would like some clarifcation about these submissions in the Radeon X600se slot.



Here is the specifcations listed for the Radeon X600se



The submissions in question are Barisan's (ranked 2nd) and Button's (ranked 1st) in benchmark 3Dmark2003 http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/radeon_x600_se?tab=rankings#/manufacturer.rankings.do?applicationId=2&manufacturer=ati&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614&hardwareType=GPU&tabid=gpubenchmarks


As we look at Barisan's submission it is listed a GPU as RV380. The X600se is listed as an RV370




As we look at Button's submission the memory size is listed 256MB. The X600se memory is not listed as 256MB in memory size, But the X600PRO is listed at 256MB. Or the X600se has two memory configurations 128MB and 256MB. Or my submission belongs in the X600


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The x600 SE comes in two configurations. the original x600 se 128MB featuring the RV370-x6 chip as listed in hwbot specs in first post above with picture. Here is a list of some reference cards> http://www.bizrate.com/ati-radeon-x600se-128-megabytes/ and the exact match ATI reference card of the I used http://www.compuvest.com/Desc.jsp;jsessionid=fc73444e451880d82269e29a115e?iid=1072007


This is the configuration of Barisan's submission an X600SE 256MB and using an RV380 chip and here are some reference cards>



It may be fair solution to add another X600se 256MB RV380 sub slot in the Radion x600 class. Barisan's x600se outclasses the current x600se slot with a different video chip and twice as much memory using hyper memory chips. Further confusion may be eliminated, as the facts do show there are in fact two types of x600se.

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hmm, looks like button's card is in the wrong category since it has a 128bit interface.


1.) Buttons Video ATI Reference card does not appear to match the X600SE specs' The memory and bus width are twice the size and mimics a X600 PRO yet the GPU identifier and device ID has been labeled an x600se? Pictures of Buttons GPUz submissions are in earlyier posts in this thread. I can not find any more information on the matter.

3Dmark 2001 http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=0&cores=1&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614


3Dmark 2003 http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2003/rankings?start=0&cores=1&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614



2.) On another separate issue, the top ranking person in these three benchmarks has been awarded 1.5 points and silver cups although the links below has a person ranked first, > note the points awarded 1.5 < appears a possiable bug/glich not awarding gold cup and 2 points for each benchmark, links provided below. Yet if viewed from 1BadMoJoe Benchmark Profile Point or submissions tab only silver cups awarded with the 1.5 points and not of acual results from links provided below. x1etcz.jpg


Aquamark http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/aquamark/rankings?start=0&cores=1&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614


3Dmark 2006 http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2006/rankings?start=0&cores=1&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614


3Dmark 2005 http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2005/rankings?start=0&cores=1&hardwareTypeId=GPU_1614

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