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FS i7 4770K Boxed Batch: 3334C050 pretest.


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Hi guys!




I offer here my i7 4770K Boxed. Batch: 3334C050. Chip: #4448

purchased at the 31.12.2013

CB -134°C / CBB-118°C




Stock VID @ Turbo off 1,016V Sold to Matti OC




5GHz @ 1,330V 4/4 @ water SP32M


costa_3334c050_5ghz.jpg img_1786.jpg


UC Bench 5.9GHz @ 1,65V 4/4




HWBot Prime 5.8GHz @ 1.710V 4/8




Cinebench R15 5.7GHz @ 1.690V 4/8





No warranty on OC, no exchange or return.



Price: 320, - € (+) Shipping. Sold to Matti OC

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3D bench 4c/4t ?




had only a couple litr LN2, have not been tested yet.

With 1.65 V and 4/4 I was able to boot 6.0GHz.




Yes, 1,660 V DMM

When gigabytes are at 1.65V BIOS, 1.713V DMM.


Here, just for you


5GHz @ 1,330V



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