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  1. Available cards: 2xgtx 260 65nm 192SP (both with VRM heatsinks mounted) 8800gts 640 (samsung) 8800gs 384 7900GT (the wr card) 7950GT (the wr card) 8500gt 1gb (wr card) x1900gto 256 6800 ulta x1950xtx512mb x1950xt 256mb Asus 9800gt top (128 SP) 1900xtx 512mb 2x GTX 275 (volterra) GTX 280 (heatsink VRM) 2x6600gt 2900pro ddr4 1gb 2900pro 512 GTX 465 1gb x850xt 256mb x850pro 256 7900gs (samsung) very rare (WR card) GTX 460 direct CU 768mb All great clockers or WR cards
  2. I receive the money I was away for to days, i will shipp on monday. sorry for the delay Thanks
  3. 95 euro plus 25 shipping 120 euro total paypal poparamiro@gmail.com Thanks
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