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  1. It was on a SuperMicro C9X299 PG300 motherboard and I couldn't be arsed to finetune it for a simple score It was purely for reference purposes.
  2. Hey all, Recently I've delidded a 7980XE ES and before AND after, the temperatures of the individual cores have very big differences between them. For example core 1 can be 70c, while core 12 is 90c and this is the same for several other cores. Some are very cool, some are really hot. I've seen it before with a previous 7980XE ES I've had, so I'm wondering, is this an ES thing, or can it also be seen on retail chips? And can I do something about it? So far the chip has been relidded with a new copper IHS with Liquid metal, but also with the original IHS, but there's not really a difference. Letting the IHS loose without glueing it back with silicon, the temps are even worse.
  3. rsnubje


    Hey, I'm just wondering why Malwarebytes is blocking Coinhive on this forum. http://puu.sh/yYdQG/2cf2a74cc2.png I think if you are going to mine on user's systems, you should at least warn them about it. I would understand if it's another way to get some money instead of ads, but maybe there is more than meets the eye? Does someone care to explain this?
  4. rsnubje

    [WTB] [EU] GPU Pot

    If you're still looking for pots, I have a Kingpin Fat pot and a Der8auer slim pot. Can make pictures tomorrow.
  5. Hey guys, I'm selling some stuff, since it's been collecting dust now for quite some time. - Der8auer Beast - G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400C9 2x4GB 2x I've used the memory in my main rig for some time. On of the kits did 2800 9-12-12-18 @ 1.98v. See attached image. The other, I'm not very certain, but it was only slightly worse. The Beast needs no explanation I guess. When you get off the broken tape, it's good as new Comes with the probe and 2 sets of bottom and upper foam. Price: - Memory: 180 euro incl shipping for both - Beast: 350 euro incl shipping in Europe -SOLD I rather don't ship outside of europe. Questions? Ask!
  6. Hwbotprime is a weird case itself, because it's not consistent at all, but this doesn't go for x265. In this benchmark it's very obvious when it's bugged or cheated on. Same goes for a lot of other benchmarks. Ofcourse there will always be exceptions, but I'd like to keep it about the normal benchmarks and not the exceptions that are weird or stupid to begin with. I always check my scores before or right after submitting. I want to know how efficient I am and improve it if neccesary. It's not all about dump the scores and continue. That's not a very good way to improve yourself. If you never compare your score to others, how will you know if you're on par with others or just very bad at a certain benchmark? Click bench and look away might work for you now, but when you get to the point you are benching seriously with extreme cooling, you might want to know which BSOD you get so you can correct what is neccesary and improve your stability. You'll know when a benchmark is valid or not... This is besides the point though, because in this case he knew very well what he did.
  7. Well, for starters, if you know the result might be invalid/faulty, don't just submit it. That's the first and most simple step one can take. Consult an admin or post a topic and ask if other people with the same hardware experience the same issue(s). It's very easy to blame it on the coder, but it all starts with yourself. You don't blame a car manufacturer if your engine blows up because you were able to tune it, do you? It's your own responsebility to run it as it's meant to run, especially if you want to compare to others and compete professionally. You don't just alter the benchmark, or run it in a way it's not meant to be ran. The rules are this simple.
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