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  1. Albrecht get in here there are hackers all over this thread!
  2. Splave

    FS: 7350K

    5000mhz 1.29vcore on MOCF and cache at 47x normal Tim normal water cooling. Ihs has a scratch or two see pic. $150 + $8 USA shipping + $25 international Would consider trade for good a2 bdie
  3. Def salty not sure about the pepper 🤓 🤓
  4. Some users are now having their submissions flagged for using benchmate. Sigh.....What has this all become
  5. So the debate on bigblocks dual core r15 using benchmate being legit or not and where to put it I played with it myself. 12 runs for each scenario. As you can see benchmate makes a better average while maintaining the same max! Slot machine time maybe coming to an end! The realtime issue occured for me as well. It scored very high using it 1132-1133 but was marked invalid when I saved. Depending on what is done for realtime or if it's able to be solved we shall see but this certainly is more consistent without exceeding the previous max without benchmate.
  6. Splave

    Hailea HC500A

    Have one of these myself, love it good luck with sale
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