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  1. m4e down to $150 will go on ebay monday
  2. http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/Z17MOCF7.51E_CFL.bin.zip Core selection fixed 1/2/3/4/5/6 all available now instead of 1/2/3/6
  3. REX SOLD R3E SOLD P55 still FS $300 M4E down to $175 shipped
  4. Nice work, especially funsoul and steppy
  5. x58 Gear is gone rex pending
  6. M4E P67 B3 New in box $150 shipped USA Ask me for quote international, I accept non PP CC, checks MO's, W to W transfer, ETH and BTC
  7. you dont even need matt's hax to do the simplest BS possible. Saving the screen shot then apply as background, then put in any processor you or GPU you want open the cpu tab and take another screenshot on top of it. This ruins all no validated benching and I honestly think its more common than people think in HW benching. IE run a vantage with a 5870 and then save only the score window. Set that picture as the background reboot with your ln2 4870 and you have the Worldrecord without even benching congratulations. Atleast with a wrapper or systeminfo there is an extra layer of security even if its not offically supported it will say the card name in the link that was used. Its also not uncommon for ln2 benchers to save the screenshot of just the score immediately incase CPUz causes a system crash. Then you can just apply as background and open your cpuz with slow mode enabled flip off quickly save and good to go. Atleast in this case the bench is actually run at the reported frequency. (Dont be distracted by the cute baby he has since grown into that massive head if you were concerned ) Matt's fixes are a great starting point to the future of secure submissions, hopefully he finds a place that takes him seriously. TLDR: Screenshots are not secure and we need better validation than that
  8. I think i would kill all benches that dont have a wrapper and or valid link required for all scores not just top 10. That's like saying we dont want you to cheat hard enough to be in the top 10 but 11th is fine.