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  1. Splave

    AM3 RAM OC?

    guess the crosshair is worth the premium
  2. Splave

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Hey my board doing that fail boot thing too. So fun to pass pi then fail to boot when you restart and need to clear and reapply Saber tooth
  3. Splave

    Testing out sub zero cooling for OC with dry ice

    nice, I would recommend ditching the Vas and going with LET or even eraser hope you had fun
  4. Ahhh lol buggered in upload. I'll reup tonight
  5. Thanks for the help guys. These are mushkin blackline tccd I popped the top off. Bios is NF4LD329 seemed to be best at the 1:1 that I tried. Tried the newer modded and unmodded ones Anyays fixed my boot issue. Acpi SRAT disabled boots like cake. C'est la vie, mon chérie atleast I'm having fun right?
  6. Welp must be my mem. Used a buddies chip just sits here then cycles again. Off to find more ddr I guess
  7. Yes orange slots, I think you might be right. Had teammate send a cpu that he was able to do it on to rule out issue with my board or mems. Would be odd though since none of the 5 chips I tried worked. Seems maybe it is the mems
  8. core mulitplier? wtf haha thanks for the hints men i'll get back to work I Guess it trains and all, just sits at that screen that usually says DMI ok before OS splash screen @Mr.Scott what time should I come over for my lesson, or are you coming here haha
  9. Splave

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    Come on man, dont quit we need you. Make your decisions and stand by them. You are the mod not the user
  10. Splave

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    that could be but surely the best ics on the best pcb would be even better no?
  11. Splave

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    KO-8155 pcb is double copper and expensive #1 for psc and bbse
  12. Can someone inform me more about 250 divider? I have 4 chips and none will enter os. Tccd on sli-dr tried countless bios. 1:1 works up to 350ish. Ive seen others using 148/165 and it working although no fx singles cores.