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  1. catzilla still cancer to get a valid link? also more global 3d than 2d thats pretty funny since no one benches 3d
  2. R20 is a memory / mesh / cache bench and R15 is a cpu bench in current form especially for AMD. R15 score variance using benchmate is much improved. PCmark is cancer imo but up to you guys
  3. Both are retail and both are the best of what I have binned. Check my subs for clock info. No longer needed. Both are lapped. 3900XT $550 3950X $750 +$30 shipping out side of USA
  4. Super stoked to try it! thanks for your hard work
  5. I think brand loyalty to a chip producer is hilarious. Nvidia could easily add the ability to disable tessellation and destroy if they cared at all about records.
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