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  1. starting jan 1 you have 1 year....you bench 50 subs for hw points.....next january you start at 0 and you have 50 more subs to make. This will open pandoras box of sand bagging yourself, deletion of old score, just more unnecessary BS and drama. We are heading towards HWLoopholeBot But if thats what the people want then cool I wont sub in it. just tell me to shut up
  2. judging by the recent polls I think fred should just make his own decisions haha 10 global and 50 hw points for season won the votes thats nuts imo
  3. I think people may be confused. The season being a year only. 50 HW subs will be removed from your profile every year who would want to redo all that work every year?
  4. is the overclocker leauges rankings on uat still updating?
  5. This looks great to me. Current WR points are silly. One could argue if 2d is easy just bin a cpu and sit back for 30 seconds, one could argue get binned vgas from a manufacturer sit back for 2 minutes and collect 450 points (not trying to offend) popularity should bring the points imo if 2d is more popular it should be worth more 2 cents
  6. no offense by why did you not then with hwbotprime?
  7. Thanks this is a good move. Crap support from the bench maker and buggy = get rekt
  8. Splave

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Do you know why it doesnt apply to the score 😮