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  1. "PS: Btw, if you need to only set multiplier within windows, then I can give you instructions how to use the debug app for this or even strip it and expose just the multiplier thing, shouldn't take too much time." This would be great. I can just boot whatever vcore directly then from bios as long as it doesnt try to apply 1.55 then in the program thanks
  2. hey I think I know whats going on on that one. Dont save the score in GPUPI go to the benchmate app and press save result instead.
  3. Is it possible to have more core voltage maybe 1.800 and or the ability to uncheck the core voltage so it doesn't apply any and it keeps what's already set.
  4. Here you go 3970X on Taichi. Seems to be working perfectly. Im blown away bro.....do you have a donations link? This works when the asrock tool wont even install lol EDIT: found donation link thanks for your work! SMUDebug_63586525.6591326.json
  5. Splave

    TR 3990X

    more 2d worth global and or even WR points would be nice thx... some 3d subs are worth like 300 points alone
  6. does this have potential on thread ripper?
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