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  1. Ok so at least I'm not blind. That sucks though No, this doesn't really make sense. But having a team competition limited to only MSI cards doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.
  2. Maybe I'm wrong then. Five days ago, when the email was sent out, I could have sworn it mentioned flashing the BIOS of the cards. In any case, is flashing the cards to an MSI BIOS allowed?
  3. Earlier it said that we could use any card as long as it was flashed with MSI BIOS. I hope that rule hasn't changed?
  4. It rewards those who can push their hardware the furthest I was gonna buy her board, but then I sold my extra llano stuff for exactly the cost of a UD5 and decided I was to impatient to wait.
  5. It's really hard to have an overclocking competition that's 100% fair to all the hardware possibilities out there. I actually ended up buying a UD5, just so I could play in this competition. Will I win a board, probably not (someone using LN2 will probably kill my scores LMAO), but even if I did it wouldn't make much sense, for practical purposes, to have a UD7 over a UD5, or even a UD7 over a UD3 Unless you really needed the extra PCIe slots. Even % increase competitions can be very flawed. What it comes down to is if you've got the required hardware and want to enter the competition enter it. If you don't have the hardware, overclock what you've got and just have fun anyway. There's no sense in complaining that the people who spent more money on there hardware have.., better hardware.
  6. Ticket ID: 1297 Priority: Medium I can\'t get to team account settings for a team I recently created.\r\n\r\nTeam Neo
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong place or has been asked before. Anyway, I created a new team by leaving my old one and then choosing to create a team after I went back to that page. The team was created but I can't access the team account settings. Thanks for your help.
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