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  1. well this thread turned into a b**ch fest real quick. Taking the attitude of "I don't have all the tweaks because I am new to this so I am discouraged to try" is just pathetic. If you want the same score or better, its a VERY simple solution, put in the hours, the work, and intelligently apply your efforts... 32M isn't rocket science. Good luck with 32m guys, I will no longer be posting or submitting scores. I honestly hope someone does better than I as I left a TON on the table with current score.
  2. Are you using a mechanical drive? I use a raptor
  3. Truth, and to be honest infra getting over the major hump made me interested in this again. Backup games are meh, I haven't benched in quite a while as the only competition is Chew*... And we mostly do it via text
  4. I'd have to rebench to hit 814s, only have faster at the moment
  5. You are so close to the answer to your problem, yet you don't see it. I haven't tested an Asus bios for a while, but consider this... You were faster, slower on 1002. Inefficiency is not your fault, there is no magic setting that I could find on crosshair so I jumped ship and haven't looked back.
  6. I'm sandbagging man, 8:15 is still slow... And I'm not the only one *cough**chew*cough* Just gotta carry rounds so you guys can see there is progression and possibility and hopefully light a fire to get others encouraged to participate. Ryzen isn't fully tapped out of performance, not by a long shot. Every time we are testing we are still learning and still gaining ground. As far as 48 being worse, I use b die obviously so my timings will be quite different. Just saying don't just test tighter as it's not always faster. Test everything tighter and looser then set what is faster.
  7. I can test this with a USB and sata controller but it was working last time I checked
  8. Tighter is not always faster. A good example of this is trc. Set to 40 test then set to 54 and test. You will most likely find the looser trc value is actually faster though they both pass. Trc is just an example, but it applies to most all the subtimings.
  9. Superpi is still lacking efficiency on latest Asus beta in comparison to other boards. Even manually tuning in all timings it's still not possible to go sub 8:20 @ 4ghz from my experience
  10. Yes and it's also your CPU choice. L3 cache size plays a significifant role. After that... It's a few other things as well. Being forced to windows 7 means new tweaks to discover so get to testing. Also I see you have windows activation nagging you. Open command prompt as administrator then run: SLMGR -rearm
  11. Giga K7 is killing it in 32m. Sandbag mode on hardcore. Let's just say if I'm running 819s I'm slow on giga. Asus just ate Doo Doo in comparison. May as well post up Brian, you know the next target already.
  12. Is this limited to rog board only?
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