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  1. trop la fléme....mais c'est vrais que la ça commence a étre pas mal CPU limited, ca mériterait un p'tit 4.8 au cpu pour amméliorer ça
  2. il monte pas plus sans le HT pour un SPi?...histoire de rentrer dans le top 3...t'y est presque, GG
  3. done...entry deleted and re submited with a new screen shot
  4. i have a problem with a submited score: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/2097731_evosia_3dmark11___performance_radeon_hd_5870_5432_marks&popup=true the hwbot crew need more proof. like it tell on this screen shot but like you can see in the Verification URL, this score was made with the 1.0.0 version of 3DM 2011 (the only one version avaible at this moment, and if I remember correctly, the patch 1.1 was released nearly of December 20 and I was doing this score on 16 like you can see on the verification URL, so have the fps breakdown was impossible at that time). and it's impossible to edit a score made with an other version of 3DM11 for showing it on the screen shot. to my knowledge. last thing: there's nothing about that in the rules of this benchmark. what i'm suppose to do? delete my entry? rebench with the newer version? thank you for informing me about it. cordially.
  5. hi all and happy new year. is the staff can do something for this two submitions: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/2097725_evosia_3dmark11___performance_2x_radeon_hd_5870_9947_marks http://hwbot.org/community/submission/2099153_evosia_3dmark11___extreme_2x_radeon_hd_5870_3554_marks like you can see, it says it's not my best score. but it is for the 2x hd 5870 and for the "EX preset". don't know why it say that. can you do something for a right calculation, if you please. thanks in advance.
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