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  1. Hye! There's actually a small bug while using the french version of the site. There was no way to log in with the curent version, I had to go back to US one, log into and than switch back to FR. My 2 cent
  2. Of course but not especially for Vantage. No way to try to catch a better place under water mate. And first the mobo needs to keep on working more than an hour under cold bro... that's all...
  3. Thank you for this clarification PJ NOW! Where are your scores with MSI board Allen? Show us!
  4. Nice one I'm owned here! But show us yours first! ..........Alby take down the mask NOW!!!
  5. Funny video for those who gat the eyes on details MaxOCer you're a noob lol Seriously, it's somehow a troll invitation or a bad joke from MSI marketing staff disrespecting extreme overclockers to my pov...
  6. Potato time is finished? Nice catch bro!! Great chip and strong run!
  7. Thank you Monstru!! Lol Catalonia vs France ...keep such guys far from our community!!! PLEASE! No place for those BS in here. We are all friends and brothers
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