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    Lid or no lid.
  2. I've an SF3D Inflection . No mounting brackets but they available on the site. $100 plus shipping. Make me an offer I take trades too.
  3. What was you called me years ago? Chaos Incorporated or something?
  4. And you wonder why hundreds left HWBOT....nuff said.
  5. Umm the main window shows GPU/mem frequency.. So redundancy is the rule? Ridiculous. I see the whole mainboard tab thing was not addressed. Once again pointless. It's nit like I can stick an AMD chip in a =n Intel board. It has nothing too do with re-benching I don't mind that all. I should have read the read the rules more carefully. That doesn't make them not asinine.
  6. I'll maybe get some backlash from this but the Competition rules are getting ridiculous. First it was the meaningless mainboard tab with the Team Cup. For example AM3/DDR2. Okay you have a DDR2 tab and a CPU tab so who cares what board your using? Same for this Comp. GPU sensor tab? Really? Who cares what temp. your card is @? I have a feeling and it's only that that this was precipitated by a bunch of whiners from last year and not the staff.
  7. Price slashed on ACARD. I know it's a niche item but 100 bucks for one! Try and find one cheaper and I'll match it but good luck on that...
  8. What's up with the "this benchmark requires a CPU with MMX blah blah"? Surely there is a fix my dumb ass can figure out. Did a bit of googlin' but too no avail figure I'd ask the experts. 3D benchmarks are not my forte.
  9. I was going too say unimpressive then looked it up and well done sir. That's one nice chip! Now I have too grab one. Keep an eye out.
  10. P4P800: Treated with flex seal front and back. Second USB ports don't seem too work everything else does Bought for P4/Celly OC'ing (obviously). Only tested as far as installing XP and drivers etc. as I picked up an AI7 shortly after. $35.00 OBO shipped via USPS Flat rate w/tracking. K8N Neo-F 1.0: Treated with flex seal. Everything functional aside from the useless NB fan. Pushed Opteron 146 too+ plus 3099 on air. https://valid.x86.fr/edwhjr 35.00 shipped OBO. or $40 .00 w/Opteron 146. Opteron 146 CAB1E 0614DPW: $10.00 shipped OBO. Does 3099Mhz on air. See link above. ACARD ANS9010. Fully functional. Battery holds charge. No cover (but who here needs it?). $100.00 FIRM + shipping of your choice. Paypal or U.S.P.S M.O I can set up and show pretty much whatever bench you wish for items if asked. For example Crystal Disk Mark for ACARD.
  11. The fact is that the submission was okayed .by Sweet: moderator changed status from 'reported by user' to 'checked by a moderator' - reason: lost screen in database it was a problem at this time, so checked ok . Then CN comes behind and takes it down. Doesn't look odd to you?
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