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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for GTX 980 Ti and 1080 Ti Kingpin edition GPUs. Thx for offers
  2. Only Iferno hot plates are available at Alza, pots, probes are gone.
  3. I decided to keep it so thread can be closed. Thanks for the space HWBOT.
  4. still open to offers
  5. I have a friend named Chandler, he is American, he wants to buy your Venon Ln2 container but for some reason he is not able to register in the forum. He offered 120 EUR and would like you to contact by email to arrange payment and shipping method: chandler.robson@gmail.com

    Best Regards 

  6. pot is still available and everything is included open to reasonable offers
  7. Can be closed. Thanks for the space HWBOT.
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