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  1. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

  2. Berhof007

    [WTB:EU] Good 9900K

    Hey guys, I'm looking for good 9900K for water cooled rig.
  3. @Elkim has both boards, I hope he'll make comparison between Dark and Apex
  4. Berhof007

    [EU] [WTB] a CPU DICE pot (again)

    Or Alza: https://m.alza.hu/kingpin-cooling/v9033.htm
  5. Maybe if you add some results people will be more interested
  6. Why? Because voltage is in your opinion too high?
  7. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

  8. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

  9. In hwbot "classic" rev8 thread u said: "PKBO accused for this as well, many times. 1.7v on the processors, chiller under the bench that anyone can see where the tubes lead in screenshot Radiator on the windows edge is just for show, fool the onlooker" So in your opinion PKBO is cheater and NATA58 is a #1? NATA58 is attaching same rig photo everytime and photo, so photo isn't matching used hw + it's impossible to verify used cooling
  10. If u want to compete against extreme and elite guys, you should use better cooling (SS, DICE, LN2..) and stop crying
  11. Berhof007

    New HWBOT Marketplace Restrictions?

    You need 20 or more posts
  12. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Price drop - 170€
  13. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Yes, but they are shipping only to few states.
  14. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Hi guys, for sale brand new Venom Gold Price 200 170€ + shipping Item location: Czech Republic
  15. Berhof007

    is hwbot.org down?

    Do you know when the page be back?