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  1. CPU sold to @luakri. Thanks for the space HWBOT, thread can be closed.
  2. 4C is not that hard to cool when you have custom IHS and liquid metal between die and IHS. After few years it still is able to achieve same clocks as it was new.
  3. Hi guys, have a binned 7700K with custom IHS for sale. Never runned cold. Price: 250€ Item location: Czech Republic
  4. Can be closed, I found a new one for a decent price. Thanks for the space Hwbot.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a replacement of 7700K in my rig. 5GHz or more at reasonable vcore. 7700K was binned by Alza and should be the second best one they sold (you can check my results for clocks) Thank you
  6. Can be closed - both items sold. Thanks for the space HWBOT
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning to sell my GTX 1080 HOF (never runned cold) and never used Kingpin Venom CPU Pot. How much could I ask for the items? Items location Czech Republic. Thanks
  8. I would take a 1080 Ti Kingpin, if it's still available
  9. One czech e-shop has listed Apex IX boards for 2390 CZK https://www.tsbohemia.cz/asus-rog-maximus-ix-apex_d346090.html
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