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  1. Berhof007

    New HWBOT Marketplace Restrictions?

    You need 20 or more posts
  2. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Price drop - 170€
  3. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Yes, but they are shipping only to Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and UK
  4. Berhof007

    [FS-EU]Brand new KPC Venom

    Hi guys, for sale brand new Venom Gold Price 200 170€ + shipping Item location: Czech Republic
  5. Berhof007

    is hwbot.org down?

    Do you know when the page be back?
  6. Berhof007

    is hwbot.org down?

    For me 11h down
  7. Great mem clocks on 8 dimm board! Will Asus also make Apex VI refresh?
  8. Berhof007

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    @suzuki alza is listing used and refurbished stuff only on alza.cz or alza.sk, not on alzashop.com
  9. Berhof007

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    I think alza won't be listing more XOC stuff, they've lost lot of money on pots