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  1. hi all is there any bios for usb over current statu on maximus viii extreme please ?
  2. woo that's nice !! i have try so many time to have sli enabled ... but i fail every time
  3. if you want i have the cpu . i think my 8700k can do what you want but i only test my 5960x in water .
  4. we will see ... but i don't think so ... same answer everytime ! it's not me it's the other i'm a good boy ..... yeah we see it
  5. asus france have many problem with him . he sell hardware but it is not his hardware ...it's asus france hardware .
  6. luckynoob show us first on msi i think . and we are not 2 on dark but 3 my last score was do on it
  7. Radi

    [EU] RYZEN 9 3900X

    i have one if you want
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