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  1. Hello all, I'm selling my trusty old home pc, been working fine since 2016. The items are located in Greece, price does not include shipping. This is a private sale, all items are working, guaranteed not DOA, no returns accepted. Payment via IBAN banktransfer (Revolut/N26), buyer covers transaction fees, alternatively I also accept paypal friends & family. X99 SOC Champion, 5960X, 3x4GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 2800C16 - 200€ Board does not include I/O panel. Results of the CPU in my profile.
  2. Hi please add: Hewlett-Packard 8316 https://valid.x86.fr/2i9b37
  3. I agree. From what I remember the initial argument was that, given your example, a real 24 core CPU like the Threadripper 7960X or the Xeon w7 2495X is always going to outperform the 14900K, since the 14900K is basically an 8c/16t with ecores. The solution that we have kinda works for now, but what happens once there are 3 different types of cores in the CPU? Are we really going to make 3 different categories for the same CPU? Or even more in the future?
  4. Happy new year! Please add: ASUS U32U https://valid.x86.fr/show_oc.php?id=2484856 Hewlett-Packard 3568 https://valid.x86.fr/60iir1
  5. Happy new year everyone! Health to you and your families! I don't know if this has been mentioned already. Whenever I log in to hwbot.org after a while it logs me out and I have to log in again. This also happens if I close the tab or the browser all together. It's not such a big problem to have to log in again, but this has been happening for around 2 months. Happy benching!
  6. The big 7 on Wolfdale is done, this is insane! Interesting that NB @ Ln2 made it even more difficult.
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