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  1. noizemaker


    tried it cold? 🙂
  2. noizemaker


    searching for an 7350k, prefer europe for shipping regards 🙂
  3. noizemaker

    Asus Oc Panel

    Hello, searching for an Oc Panel v1/v2 with cables, living in europe. regards, nmkr
  4. thanks :-), have to work on effi and find some nice settings that works under cold
  5. hm cant raise dram voltage above 2.00 with this bios without ln2 mode. works with 0093, 0021 for example.
  6. that not depends.. if your cpu is not capable to do it with the desired voltage.. like leeghoofd said.. GAME OVER
  7. yes, got afterburner working.. need a real ln2 bios 🙂
  8. got my hands on one of these cards lately, do you found any bios or tool for it? win7 / afterburner 4.11 hwbot works so far
  9. have a look in at this post, there is an acronis image that may help you out.. i posted usb 3.0 drivers as well hth
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