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  1. that not depends.. if your cpu is not capable to do it with the desired voltage.. like leeghoofd said.. GAME OVER
  2. yes, got afterburner working.. need a real ln2 bios 🙂
  3. got my hands on one of these cards lately, do you found any bios or tool for it? win7 / afterburner 4.11 hwbot works so far
  4. have a look in at this post, there is an acronis image that may help you out.. i posted usb 3.0 drivers as well hth
  5. https://www.win-raid.com/t4883f52-Solution-Win-drivers-for-USB-Controllers-of-new-Intel-chipset-systems.html there some signed drivers, managed to get usb 3.0 working on an Asus z390 prime
  6. i guess only with a valid licence gb3 & gb4 score gets regocnized
  7. tried on a 8700k, can boot (4700 / 14-14) but only with 2.00 DRAM / 1.35IO / 1.45SA. (G.Skill F4-4000C18) my memory sticks are bad
  8. if unityofsaints is supplied I would like to attach here if someone in Europe has to sell one 🙂
  9. im afraid that there is no xoc bios for the hero
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