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  1. SOLD, pls move 🙂 thx hwbot for the space
  2. install via firadisk and ahci drivers works, then usb works with the z390 xp drivers.. i just cant get it to work with antome image
  3. yipi dipi sub 51 finally ~ 27C watertemp
  4. BIOS 0703 https://www.dropbox.com/s/idleq2khs1hv2at/ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0703 (1).rar?dl=0 created an no ucode version, attached (needs to confirmed by firekillergr :D) ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0703_-_no_ucode.CAP
  5. Hello Guys, got an 10900K BOXED for Sale. WATER CB15 53/48 ~ 1.310V LN2 CB15 ~6700 ~ 1.62v scale upto 1.65 but not more Maybe this Chip better for ambient benching as cold, passed all 3D Benchmarks with 53/48 so far. imc seams not bad passed 2425 14-14 geek/spi under cold location EU, price € 600 € 575 SOLD
  6. xp needs to get tested with these drivers as well
  7. the usb drivers in the thread are not working on my old z390 win7 image, i tried some from the winraid Forum that works. extract the Folder and use the Driver search in the extraced Folder, it will find the correct one then usb works, atleast on my win7 z490_usb.zip
  8. ah i miss some 3d03 hints there for the last boost will retry both cold soon
  9. yeah was a bit warm that day, under the ss 1550 are possible, next time then thanks m8 :-)
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