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  1. I have noticed that G.Foyle have been banned recently. May I know why ?
  2. majkel

    Radeon HD 7970

    There you go Sorry for late response.
  3. majkel

    Radeon HD 7970

    Radeon HD 7970 Tahiti core Please add this one by tommorow.
  4. 1 core so it may be possible on air. But with -20*C air :-P
  5. $150 pot $5 multimeter $5 LN2 cup Extremally cheap platform :-P
  6. What is wrong with sponsors? Recently in Poland GB give away a prize to every contestant that submitted a score. It's quite obvious in ONE-manufacturer-only competitions :-D.
  7. Well, i'm wondering why my Spi 32M submission is not classified. Should have 5th place in this competition... http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1022869_majkel_superpi_32m_pentium_g6950_8min_30sec_276ms is something wrong with it? BTW: I've submitted 1M result 3 or 4 times couse it was an error every time. Donno even know what was wrong ;-/
  8. Well, I hope. Waiting for an admin.
  9. I changed my nickname because of couple of reason. The most important was that I couldn't make any forum post. Now I can. But, the most importatnt: Is itpossible to automatically import my results from one account to another?
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