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  1. Which Bios version do you use? How much voltage you can give to the NB varies greatly from board to board. My good Rex scales up to a voltage of 1.74v on the NB. Another one of my REXs, however, at a voltage greater than 1.65v does not boot anymore. Do you know the batch number of your NB? But 680er FSB with only 1.65v is really good!
  2. The Rex boards can be quite tough. With my good board I can boot at positive temperatures with a FSB of 660 without problems. (@ 1.71 volt @ + 27 ┬░ C) Unfortunately, under LN2, the NB does not allow one MHz more. Such a pity, I thought I finally found a 700+ board ;-( Isn't it a bit too risky for you using positive temperatures at 1.8 V for your NB? What do you mean exactly with BarEdit? You can answer via PM if you like.
  3. Sorry that i have kicked you from the first place NIK. But i am sure that you will definitely refill :-D
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