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  1. Nice Pics. How far could you cool down the GPU with your chiller? good work Congrats!
  2. GPU-Z and 3DMark show that it is a GTX 480. Is that a selektion error or did you make a mistake while uploading? And please always include the appropriate clock rate of the GPU!
  3. Das ist immer ärgerlich wenn der Kern am ende ist und selbst kälte nichts bringt. Hatte ich mal mit einem REX. FSB Air = 675 und LN2 = 675 also keinen MHz mehr. Das frustet!
  4. I'll meet gigelz in two weeks and we'll bench a little with LN2. I'm curious what is still possible with this CPU. But I think the board is the limiting factor here. I absolutely need a new ud3r or your Team Finland Edition REX 😛 Do you have any tips for me on how I can get the most out of a quad?
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