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  1. Good job and a interesting cooling solution.But please be careful. The Cinebench render image must not be obscured by the CPU-z window. It's best to look at the rules.==>https://hwbot.org/rules?referenceId=5269
  2. yes, so close. I think the CPU is just maxed out. I could set whatever I wanted but it just didn't work. I just didn't get to 300.
  3. CBB NB = -60°C / bench temp. NB = -80 - -110°C / lowes test temp. NB = -140°C
  4. It's amazing that LN2 really makes a difference at x58. Now it starts again to find suitable CPUs
  5. it also works with the R2E. Ground was able to increase the bclk from 283 maxed out on air to 292 @LN2 on his new untested board. https://hwbot.org/submission/5459890_ The big problem that still exists is finding a CPU that can handle a BCLK of +300. My CPU seems to max out at 299.1. Even with the A-OC I couldn't overcome this limit yesterday. very frustrating!!
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