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  1. the 448 is big fermi die though
  2. when I tested on flaming blade and bloodrage I couldn't get anything lower then 2:3 working on 32nm. Expecting similar behavior with 45nm walling at 1:2. I never bothered testing for prime95 since full stability isn't relevant to me on this platform. For me, 1:1 never worked properly, 1:1 with uncore+1 worked a bit better, 2:3 works fine and much more stable until uncore limited. Below 2:3 I couldn't stabilise 32M, 1M would run just fine, even at 3500+ (never tested on LN2 but not expecting changed behavior. Keep in mind - until 2 1/2 generations later (Ivy bridge E) nothing intel is able to do 3200+ besides insanely binned Lynnfield and 1366. Trying to find memory that will do 3500+ at 11-15-15-31 is also quite limiting. I'd love to try in a fresh x58a-oc, the socket on mine is badly corroded and the board is generally in rough condition, given I'm the third owner who has ran it multiple times on LN2. 5000 series xeons are all locked to 10x mem multi or even less. 5500 series even has hard lock on uncore multi, can't even change it on most boards.
  3. the better two were doing 2800 8-11-12-13 tight at 2.3V. Other 2 2760 8-11-12-13 2.3V. My best non-ECC sticks are doing 2720 at the same settings. Edit: all 32M
  4. @somerandomtechyboi I have done the same on x58a-oc with W3680 a while ago, see https://hwbot.org/submission/4783471_ground1556_memory_frequency_ddr3_sdram_1856.5_mhz/ Ambient limit was just under 1800Mhz: https://hwbot.org/submission/4641400_ground1556_memory_frequency_ddr3_sdram_1794.6_mhz/ Have seen as high as almost 1900 on LN2: Was able to reproduce 1856 valid with 2 different CPUs and 3 memory sticks, suspecting board is limiting me at this point. https://valid.x86.fr/4dv07t different CPU, same (valid capable) clockwall again. The socket on my x58a-oc is in horrible condition though, so that might be to blame. Dual channel stability on this platform is pretty easy, even above 3000. Pushing triple channel towards 3000 is very hard though. Triple channel max valid: http://valid.x86.fr/abc7xf triple channel max 32M: Dual channel max 32M: Got very close to a pass at 1550Mhz, but ran out of dice at that point sadly. Edit: I also tested some ECC gdie at some point, some sticks were way better regarding voltage requirements but all hardwalled for frequency around 3200-3300, suspecting PCB.
  5. x58 does not work at all with the inner slot per channel. Innermost channel is best for coldbug.
  6. I didn't even know that R2E's this bad existed before our session 😂 Board becomes super laggy -> Board limit with ambient NB. LN2 gains at least 7 MHz with the 3 boards we tested, though I think its more like 10 with my board and suspecting CPU limit with both of your boards. PCIe voltage also scales on LN2, 1.5V -> 1.6V got me from 132 hard limit to 141+, didn't bother testing further yet.
  7. it should open a menu right under the report button where you can select why you are reporting a score and give you a small text field where you can add extra info.
  8. sadly 3:5 :( http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?199241-3-5-divider-on-X38-P35-X48-P45-is-broken-is-2-3-in-reality-on-400-strap
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