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  1. http://valid.x86.fr/ek3wlb again confirming my suspicion that either me or my mem is the limit, I’m willing to blame the mem, for now at least. Tested 4 boards (3xud3p, 1x ud3) now, 3 confirmed 725, last I only tested with a random chip which walled at 710, though I still had >0.1V range on vmch so doubt the board was at its limit
  2. is there any trick to get these to scale with voltage? mine do 700 7-8-8 1.45V, 720 7-8-8 1.8V and less at higher volts.
  3. really interesting stuff, just found a couple sticks of this in my collection and trying it right now.
  4. I'd hope one of these will do it, now need good mem and a fitting CPU... And well, maybe I'll find more of these while looking for mem and CPUs.
  5. given the cancellation of keephs GTX 280 comp, would it be sensible to include it in one of the stages?
  6. I need LN2 again Got 3 Ep45-UD3Ps rev 1.0 ready now, just need a handful more chips and better D9GMH...
  7. Coming back for more soon? Or do I and others have to try harder first?
  8. I recon capacitor configuration on the back should be an easy way to tell them apart, wolfdale 6M is quite distinct.
  9. This chip... It just wants to keep flying! Keep at it Bones!
  10. Didn't test on air, but on water I couldn't validate over 695 with the first board. Second board went straight cold and needed less vNB for 725 (1.66V instead of 1.72V), but i don't feel like my boards vary a lot in bin, given that they were both stupidly easy to get to 720+ with several CPUs (had both boards at 720+ with 3 CPUs each) (6 unbinned chips taken cold, E8400 726, 725, 705; E8500 720, 715; E8600 720) Yes! Mem limited now I'm pretty sure, as absurd as it may seem :D Yeah... I'll certainly try for more in a coming session, have a couple more things coming s
  11. (see previous comment for my results, just adding a note for volts I ran) Last couple days I ran a pair of UD3Ps and a couple Wolfdales and, at least for my chips and boards on Dry Ice, these voltages varied quite a bit from yours. Maybe I was still doing something else wrong, but with my chips on Dry Ice I had the following sweet spot voltages: Vcore: 1.66V-1.74V (depending on chip) Vtt: 1.6V-1.66V (depending on chip) Vpll: 1.35V seemed just fine cold too, saw no gain going higher at all, rather lost some frequency. Maybe there are some chips that benefit from higher PLL, but mine
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