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  1. At least some PSC was Elpida based, not sure if they just used licensed designs or just packaged Elpida themselves / marked the chips themselves. http://abload.de/img/_57l9utu.jpg
  2. do you have another SS for nb? could be enough to push you over the fsb walls...
  3. benching at ddr2 774 5-5-4... crazy, I don’t believe I’ve seen that before!
  4. I mean... isn't that part of the point of benchmarks?
  5. https://hwbot.org/submission/4468838_terraraptor_wprime___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_13sec_219ms
  6. been playing some max memory frequency on x58, Gdie+x58a-oc feels like cheating. http://valid.x86.fr/81dluy 1.5V VTT, 2.2V Vdimm + mostly manually tweaked timings Might hook up the peltiers in a couple days and hope the memory scales further... I'm pretty sure I'm trp limited now.
  7. Any chance I can get rid of the numbers? So its just Ground?
  8. I still wish platform records were worth something as well
  9. stability is pretty much all gone over ~1650, and dual channel is impossible. This is only possible due to the x58a-oc allowing to set lower uncore clock if you use the innermost channel. It is possible to run 16x mem + 17x uncore this way. This CPU tops out around 1400 32M on R3BE with typical uncore ratios and is the strongest IMC I’ve found on this platform by a fair amount. So far I’m only running some timings manual, I recon ~30-50 MHz more might be doable without increasing volts by a lot, since with full manual timings since gdie appears quite sensitive to that, at least on
  10. Gdie just seems like plain magic for memory validation :D Guess I need to try again...
  11. @T.Rex We have so much to bench when I get to denmark again But yeah I was planning on bringing this chip for sure, 1800+ is the goal The mem can do it. Thanks whiteshark! (for context - this memory frequency score is done on x58 https://hwbot.org/submission/4611155_ground1556_memory_frequency_ddr3_sdram_1645_mhz)
  12. maybe its a monitor with integrated PS/2 ports and thus its just a weird VGA cable? The card looks like some generic PCI GPU to me...
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