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  1. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    No they won't quadcores run better on some boards then they do on other, with a dualcore both boards did 650+ FSB... My EP45T also doesn't like to post at random times at 600+ (540 for quads) FSB still haven't found a way to fix that...
  2. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    First time benching the EP45-UD3P, seems to be way better than my EP45T-Extreme: http://hwbot.org/submission/3879827_tagg_cpu_frequency_xeon_x5470_5727.27_mhz
  3. TAGG


  4. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    I had it POST 550 without messing arround with voltages at all, so I might be able to get ~10MHz over the EP45T-Extreme... Currently i'll probably do some more 1366 and some Pentium 3 benching if i find a TUSL2-C
  5. Thanks Can some mod please have a look at round 5, it seems that it has no stages...
  6. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    Found A EP45-UD3P locally that does my specs
  7. TAGG


    Looking for one of the best 370 Boards, please PM me if you have one you don't need and that works
  8. TAGG

    Old skool motherboards

  9. I think the CPU might do even more, i forgot to raise vcore, this was done with 1,6V... Tomorrow i'll have a look at X5460 X5450 and maybe E5450
  10. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    @bolc Xeon 50xx 51xx and 52xx I got some conroes that will post 600MHz on air and according to my experience they'll do 640 ish on cascade.... Also I don't want to chop up my rampage's socket Might try a P5E3-Premium or P5E64 Evo... But not so sure if I can get xeons to work on them though
  11. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    @5erveD No thanks i got enough of the P5Q-e @GeorgeStorm sure, PM me with your price
  12. TAGG

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    I have to retest that P5Q-E with a E8400 now it seems that the Conroes don't scale that well... Still doesn't explain why none of the chips were able to do 32M beyond 590 even if they did multicore benches @610... maybe the MC is crap idk... (tested several kits of normally decent D9Gs)... Strangely enough this also doens't really make sense: http://hwbot.org/submission/3352334_tagg_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_741.3_mhz same board... As for the boards: I'd really like the EP45-Extreme (allready have the T and it's a great board) but shipping from the US to austria just kills every deal
  13. I'm looking for a board that is confirmed to run at least 1M at 630MHz on air w/o suicidal voltages EDIT: and 610 32m would also be nice (unlike that patato of a p5q-e that doesn't do 590 no matter what)... Offer anything, but gigabyte is preffered