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  1. Sorry to ask this but i skimmed through the thread looking for a A7N8X Deluxe bios for pcb 1.04/1.06 and didn't find any, am i just blind or is there none?
  2. AM3 wrapper dosn't work with anything older than geforce FX and maybe Geforce 4 Ti (didn't test those) , Confirmed not working from my side are: geforce2, geforce3 and geforce4 MX... You can easily see that there's not a single sub using the wrapper with those old cards even though the 3d mark records have been set more recently on many the AM3 haven't changed since you need wrapper.
  3. G900 is pretty decent, cant replace Kryonaut / KPX though... But for ambient testing and even some LN2 on low powerdraw chips it's fine
  4. I'll take that too Anything that gives me reason to bin more stuff makes me happy
  5. Same setup as the other xeon scores (x5675 one has pics)
  6. I think he was confused because it says Xeon CPUs allowed.... Pretty damn sure there are no unlockable/3 core xeons (Coldwoves collection doesn't count ) Allso I'm not 100% sure about what is allowed in the notebook stage cpu wise, so here's 2 of my scores which ones are OK? https://hwbot.org/submission/4215697_tagg_cinebench___r15_core_i9_9980hk_1931_cb https://hwbot.org/submission/4296875_tagg_cinebench___r15_core_i9_9900k_2660_cb
  7. X265 1080p ddr2 stage can we please include Woodcrest 4M with the conroes? (it's basically the same core but for 771)
  8. Hm ok will wait with buying one then Is the 4 core limit for ddr2 spi 32m just an accident? Allso the stage says you need 2 diffrent videocards not CPUs 😂
  9. So is this official confirmation from your side that this stage stays that way?
  10. What's up with the E7205 chipset limit for 3d06? there's literally one board with that chipset in the database 😂
  11. Hm interesting, but what sense does a core count limit for 3d99 make? Allso are the processor core limits with disabling cores or are they purely native cores (how about unlocking?)? EDIT: Socket limits still to be anounced or staying mostly open?
  12. 4,45Ghz 1,3V r15, the chip is nothing special tbh, it's all in the board (and the -150CB) but my x5690 can do 6,28GHz r15 at -120 so it's mostly the board i think...
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