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  1. Nope chip does like 460 FSB... What i really need here is bullshooters effi
  2. Pricedrop on the DFI, added 980X
  3. I don't have the board, so can't compare it to anything You got a PCI POST-Code card? what does it say? But before you throw it out i'd take it
  4. 8 Sticks for $20 is even cheaper than what i paid for mine Are they 2k or 2133 sticks? Killer deal anyways
  5. FSB wall is 604 and didn't go away with more/less vpll either Max possible 32m is probbably 5,25 to 5,3 on this voltage just didn't really bother as i have another chip with worse core but way better FSB that hopefully gets up there (LN2 required)...
  6. Pricedrop and New board added
  7. Up for the last 4core dual
  8. Up, some more 4coreduals from 2nd batch added, these will be the last ones
  9. Added some more lower end 4coredual-sata2s since first 3 were gone so quickly
  10. Up, added some decent asrock boards
  11. Use CPU-Z 1.57, newest one tends to do that on socket A...
  12. How did you get the P4 mobile to work? Allso can the board run higher multis as well?
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