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  1. Validx86 doesn't like anything older than ver 1.9 at the moment Even 1.89 doesn't work anymore
  2. Ah, i see HY510 sucks, try GD900 if you want cheap paste for benching, i use it on evrything even on LN2 it's fine down to about -120°C.
  3. That chip should easily do 5GHz if it scales That beeing said, i have seen allendales that are about the same as that chip only do 4,8 and on the other hand my 5,2+GHz E4500 probbably only would do <3,4GHz with you criteria... Allso moar volts
  4. I know this might be really unpopular and slightly unrelated, but i liked Hwbprime and for sure would welcome a well integrated and safe version made/integrated by _mat_ Just a random suggestion since we're looking for new benches
  5. TAGG

    150+ e2180's

    Under 460 is complete garbage, so scrap is probbably the best option I do the same with all my rejects...
  6. Above 470ish FSB air you should bin them for core IMO, getting allendales to 5,2+GHz is not that easy, so you'll need a good core as well
  7. Try installing CPU-Z instead of using the portable version, fixed it for me
  8. That 4-6-8 core x265 stage seems a bit drunk... For some reason you can use 2x 8core CPUs EDIT: Same might apply for AM3 gpupi 2-4-6, not sure though but please check
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