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  1. Sorry my mate, but cinebench screenie rules have changed a bit since you last benched :( You have to show the whole rendering now, so no cpu-z in front of it :)
  2. I'm selling it at a price i can get locally for any 4Gb kit, it's just here in case someone wants to try some PSC on the cheap, not worth my time further testing it...
  3. You can bug it in the other direction as well if that helps as motivation to fix it, lowering bclk raises multi to impossible levels (see attached pic)
  4. TAGG

    Tweak book for cheats

    Honestly can't wait that the point relevant bench isn't 3.2 anymore... Because i have spent countless hours trying to get 3.2 to either save the file without crashing or displaying hwinfo correctly, while 3.3 allways just worked for me...
  5. TAGG

    [WTB] Rare Adapters

    CPU adapter of course, what good are heatsinks anyways
  6. TAGG

    Asus Rampage Extreme X48 full bundle with cpu

    Is that your 650MHz board? If so what settings was that score done at?
  7. TAGG

    [WTB] Rare Adapters

    UP/ Board added
  8. TAGG

    Which socket 370 motherboard?

    The IDE to SATA adapter explains why I was allways struggeling on 370... I was using native IDE drives I got the Abit ST6-Raid BTW, was cheaper locally than the ASUS boards and should do decent, so i guess get whatesver your local market offers on the cheap A good source for the quimondas is mushkins essentials memory, lot of the 256mb single sided and allmost all of the 512MB modules were quimonda
  9. TAGG

    [WTB] Rare Adapters

    Another push for good measure
  10. Never ran it But i have another B2 that should be a bit better than yours, just felt like benching a M0 chip
  11. Selling some HW that has to go due to accute hoarding: ASUS Maximus 8 Extreme, has some LET left on it, to PCIe slot clip broken incl. accesories (except OC-Panel) erazer has been removed --- 100€+ Shipping ASRock Z170 OCF, never seen cold, comes with box and io-shield, somehow previous owner managed to rip off the 4 pin... Board works fine --- 100€ + Shipping 2 kits of crappy PSC, G.Skill 1600 7-8-7 ripjaws fail to do 32M @ 1,7V 1100 7-10-7 --- 10€ per kit ASUS M3A32-MVP, works fine, only board nothing else erazer can be removed if you want --- 20€+ Shipping EK Waterblocks Supremacy EVO Nickel/Plexi, old Version without AM4 mounts, looks like new, comes with box and full accesories --- 30€+ Shipping 2 Pieces Athlon FX 74 for the Quadfather board (which I don't have ) --- 50€ each or 90€ for the pair Some 87 more socket F CPUs i decided i'll never have time for (look at spreadsheet for details) No guarantee they work, but since they are LGA without any caps i'd expect them to --- SOLD Shipping in EU is usually between 5€ (single or dual CPUs) up to 18€ (boards with box) for international shipping please ask for a quote sockel_F.xlsx