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  1. TAGG

    [WTB] Rare Adapters

    Another push for good measure
  2. Never ran it But i have another B2 that should be a bit better than yours, just felt like benching a M0 chip
  3. Selling some HW that has to go due to accute hoarding: ASUS Maximus 8 Extreme, has some LET left on it, to PCIe slot clip broken incl. accesories (except OC-Panel) erazer can be removed if wanted --- 100€+ Shipping ASUS M3A32-MVP, works fine, only board nothing else erazer can be removed if you want --- 20€+ Shipping EK Waterblocks Supremacy EVO Nickel/Plexi, old Version without AM4 mounts, looks like new, comes with box and full accesories --- 35€+ Shipping 2 Pieces Athlon FX 74 for the Quadfather board (which I don't have ) --- 50€ each or 90€ for the pair Some 87 more socket F CPUs i decided i'll never have time for (look at spreadsheet for details) No guarantee they work, but since they are LGA without any caps i'd expect them to --- 6€ each 10€ for two 3€ each for 10+ 100€ for the whole bunch Shipping in EU is usually between 5€ (single or dual CPUs) up to 18€ (boards with box) for international shipping please ask for a quote sockel_F.xlsx
  4. I would like this way better if competitions like Team Cup or OSIBS would give Points as well, the way it is now only the sponsored ones and the challenger series (which the way is't looking now is dead?) gives points... So there is absolutely no way to get comp points with old HW and allso no point in benching as a team as far as any rankings go
  5. That might just be a 8GHz valid chip you got there (ofc. on LN2)
  6. TAGG

    Platinum 7640X

    Oops is was reading that as 7940X
  7. TAGG

    Platinum 7640X

    Unless that's a typo and you mean 4,5Ghz that is 100% impossible
  8. Your chip was running 5,61GHz during that run i calculated efficiency and that score would fit for that freq If it was 5.35GHz it would be too good to be true Doesn't the UD9 have some way to adjust multi in OS? i allways booted up my intended bclk and then raised multi in OS to make sure everything displayed correctly...
  9. TAGG

    Pressurized dewar questions?

    Yep, that guy lives 30 minutes away from me If anyone wants them i can pick them up anytime, but they don't fit in my car upright, so i'm not getting them.
  10. That's a good chip you got there :) Seems like i'll need LN2 :D
  11. I'm thinking about buying one or 2 XL-60s from Taylor Wharton, but according to some sources i have found preassurized dewars have way worse storrage time then unpreassurized ones... Has anyone got experience with preassurized dewars or even the speciffic TWs i mentioned? Any feedback would be appreciated Allso what would you pay for them cause i have no idea about fair market price for the preassurized kind
  12. Looking for some fatboddies for some testing on early DDR2 platforms Prefferably something that can do at least 400MHz cl3-2-2 but a bit worse will likely allso be OK
  13. TAGG

    The Purge™

    Any of the L3014s left?