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  1. 1M needs wazza on this piece of crap(about 1s gain), just a random fun fact
  2. I think this one can do #2, luumis score is basically impossible even if i bit 500 of them Just get's carried by that team finland REX...
  3. I subbed the photo only for trolling tbh, allready did resub with proper screenie, no 32M scores were harmed in the process
  4. Hell yeah, same old sempy+ l3014 for years, that'd be something new for once (and easy to get + cheap)
  5. CPU died completely before i could diagnose effi issues, but thanks for the tip, will do once i have another chip
  6. Can't answer that as my whole e7500 binning is core only, which was probably wrong since the best chip is totally fsb limted on cold This is 3rd best core out of the 176 chips
  7. If possible i'd suggest 50 max and 5 points less per 10 subs under 100, so 90-99 would be 45, 80-89 40 and so on for a absolute floor of 10 (under 30 subs)? Or maybe set the floor higher if you guys want more points for less popular stuff?
  8. Ok, so HW points are going to be hardcore i guess right now i have some 48 and 49 pointers in rankings with like 90-99 subs Allso from that i can take away that all benches are worth the same? so no more 67 point 32M vs. 41 point pifast and so on?
  9. So lowest you can get for globals is 50 points? Even for the categories that have <10 subs? that would be kinda cool not gonna lie, makes it actually worth benching those Allso what will HW point ceilings look like?
  10. Yeah, somehow the chip hates that too... tried for a coupple litres to get it to like 5:8
  11. If they don't want 775, how about just DDR3/4 and ban 775/771 specifically? 1156 can allso do bclk
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