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  1. My recent binning run was 16 chips(only 2012 and 2013 chips), but before that i allso had ~20 but no luck (2010 batches tend to suck)
  2. My 6,15GHz X5690 does 4,55 1,3V making it my best chip, the 3rd 6GHz R15 chip (X5660 3152A970) does 4,45Ghz air but has coldbug of -160 so you can just bruteforce it One more X5690 is comming up on LN2 one of these days, allso does 4,55 / 1,3V so i have hopes for it being a 6GHz r15 chip as well
  3. Not too crazy, 4,5Ghz R15 @ 1,3V BIOS, but chip scales crazy good, might be limited by NB and/or RAM but didn't think about that while benching, there should be plenty of Vcore headroom, if it scales (run was at 1,7V BIOS)
  4. Let's see if i can be bothered, got boards and coupple dozen chips but no real motivation for air clocking, was hoping for unlimited cooling (got 60l on standby)
  5. There are 6 10uF MLCCs under there to cope with that issue
  6. Have only 2 PSUs works on both, from 1,25 to 1,45 it is no problem, will test more once i have that heatsink on BTW, might have killed the 2nd one, had it working perfectly, but then i tried to reinstall the original Fujitsu cap, which worked after the 3rd try, but now it doesn't recognize power button, i think the heatcycles might have killed the NB... Initial problem with the 2nd one was shorted capacitor on Vnb if it interrests you EDIT, Board one tested to 1,65V seems back in bussiness, but nb filtering looks like this now EDIT2: The board i mentioned i killed lives again, but VRM is allso dead again
  7. That was the problem indeed, reflowed the corroded looking VRM controller and the board appears to work fine, just have to put back the Fusitsu cap, after checking if it is good
  8. My asrock Extreme 11 did the same(for me it was D chanel), cleaning the socket wth some contact cleaner did the job Otherwise try bone stock settings and see if it returns, some boards loose mem channels, but usually that's because of high BCLK, which surely isn't the issue with R4E...
  9. Z170 OCF sold, added some cedar mills and watercooling stuff
  10. I have one win 7 install where it doesn't happen, not sure why though... Easiest was for me is to use X58A-OC boot low multi high BCLK and then raise multi in OS
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