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  1. You have to click submitt to hwbot without internet connection while the error message is open drag the .hwbot file from benchmark folder. You can submitt the file, but keep in mind to take a screenshot sepperately because the file is only a data file.
  2. Any updates? Because I'd like to start benching one way or another
  3. TAGG

    Please add motherboard

    Please add ABIT KN8 Ultra https://www.cnet.com/products/abit-kn8-ultra-motherboard-atx-socket-939-nforce4-ultra/specs/ I don't have the board yet, but should get it next week, if CPU-Z is needed
  4. Can anyone give me the trick so that CPU-Z doesn't crash windows on 462? Cause for me end of the road is 1.57... Or are we allowed to use old CPU-Z for showing freq for PiFast?
  5. Any limitations on the Xeons for Stage 1 except you can only use one?
  6. TAGG

    [WTB] ABIT NF7 (-S)

    Looking for one of the ABIT Boards since both of mine died, prefferably working but please offer anything
  7. TAGG

    ABIT NF7 v2.0 FSB stuck

    No ideas?
  8. I recently dug out my old NF7 to bench some Bartons, but i now have the problem, that the FSB is stuck at 100 any changes don't apply in BIOS. The strange thing is, that all other BIOS settings seem to apply fine multi, RAM divider and timings get saved propperly (even though the board doesn't reboot after the warning screen) Things i have tried so far: 2 BIOSes on 2 diffrent chips 1x Infrared BIOS and 1x Manta Rays Raising the FSB in windows --> got up to 117 then crash multiple BIOS resets, all diffrent RAM channels one old unlocked and a newer locked barton... Hope someone with socket A experience can help me...
  9. TAGG

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    I'm not much of a redditer, but thanks @Noxinite I retrospectively stole your "member of the month", how's that for a entry ?
  10. TAGG

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    OCN it is (at least if I haven't crashed the bot) Have been looking in your direction for quite a while, if the chat is not on facebook (which i hated, even before it was cool to do so) I'm in @TASOS I'm sorry but benching in a purely greek team just doesn't feel right to me (not that I don't like you guys, but that's kinda like me joining team AU (not the user), i'd stick out like a soar thumb)
  11. TAGG

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    They are not that hard to find imo. I allready ordered 3 3200+ for 15€ (to be fair shipping is another 5€) but for the 3400+ i'll wait how that plays out here (due to relatively high cost, around 35€) On an other note anyone wants me in their team? Cause doing team cup solo is kinda boring (since you can only submit 1 score per stage) and I'd like to enjoy the full experience