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  1. Ok, idea doesn't work unless we don't allow unlocking, cause then it'd be only singlecore + denebs again...
  2. The point of 1,2,3,4 core am2(+) is that you can bench one of the 2 denebs, but still have to bench 3 diffrent architectures to get ideal score
  3. Oh hell yeah Allso please do something with original Phenom(prefferably multicore, maybe something like 1,2,3,4 cores (am2(+) cpus only, ddr2 stage ofc), would techically only need original phenom in 3 core slot), i know they are boring, but pretty sure they get forgotten in every single competition, either it's a64 x2 or ph 2
  4. Whatever this runs out to, i would appreciate a "don't participate in seasonal rankins" button under user settings if this gets pushed through, cause for me date is usually whatever boards default to after BIOS reset, and i certainly don't care for including backgounds/notepads/benchmate/whatever on random HW point farming runs on old HW (CPU-Z doesn't work at all on some stuff, so that's out)...
  5. I got a M4A89GTD Pro myself, just never managed over 395 on that board with this sempron... Might be me sucking at the platform, but ganged didn't seem to help for me... (only tested on that one board though)
  6. That board is unfortunately dead, currently waiting for a cheap Ch iV to come along
  7. I allready have some, just can't get 400+ BCLK to work Certainly not on this board, maybe on DFI? but i'm no expert for these either
  8. Nope chip does like 460 FSB... What i really need here is bullshooters effi
  9. Pricedrop on the DFI, added 980X
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