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  1. That is abolute no from me, i mean i don't care if you leave 05s globals, but it's still 3D bench since you need modern GPU to compete... Moving it to 2D just screws things up same reason for no globals for TS Physics, you allso need DX12 GPU there, right?
  2. I don't like seeing a PCMark with globals, would assume that leads to the usual "Tweaks" sooner or later, other than that any reason for not giving any single core geekbench globals?
  3. One more pricedrop on the 7700K added Xeon L3014
  4. Well that makes me happy 240 is all i hope to archive, cause that's what the an7 that died did...
  5. @Sparks.nl Have you ever gotten around to test the K7N2 Delta-ISLR BIOSs? cause i got one of those recently and would like to know how the EBED bios worked for you (guessing on a -L?)
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