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  1. This is a Intel Board, so it would be of no use for this competition...
  2. As far as i can remember we had a dual S462 stage last year, so there allways was some server(ish) hardware involved If dualboards are allowed thet would mean that anyone who want's to have a chance in the wprime stage needs one... If that is the case we have to agree on using them as soon as possible, otherwise there will be complaints from people who spent money on such a board and are not allowed to use it...
  3. I didn't manage to voltmod the GPU Voltage because the FB pin is directly connected to Vgpu out, tried it by adding a resistor between vgpu out and FB and by adding a voltage divider between 5V and GND with FB inbetween, both didn't work, also the controller has a internal voltage refference and the maximum voltage you can program via VID pins is 3,5V anyways. The VCCIO mod is easy, just add a 10K ohm VR between the two outer Pins of LX8383A(voltage regulator above the BIOS battery)
  4. @Strunkenbold Sorry about not combining the CPU and the board in one picture, I thought the CPU picture was purely intended so that other participants could see the batch... I'm still not sure why my 345MHz submission was removed from % OC but not from max freq though... Max freq submission: http://hwbot.org/submission/3804788 % OC submission: http://hwbot.org/submission/3804783_ I had it submitted in both stages as you can clearly see from the 11 comments on the %OC one Might have something to do with the database beeing messed up, I submitted the max freq later... If none of the mods removed it please add it to the competition again
  5. Why did my MMX 166 345MHz sbmission get removed from the comp? I ran DMI=0 provided pictures of board and CPU and even a video proving that this CPU is capable of 3x multiplier... http://hwbot.org/submission/3804783_ Not that it matters for the ranking I just wan't to know why it was removed
  6. Nice one, how do you get CPU-Z to detect multi and FSB correctly?
  7. You can see the difference in multiplier... as you can see FSB is 66MHz for both, I even show the jumper settings, with the old MMX it shows 200MHz (66x3) and with the new one 166 (multi is set to 3 but stays at 2,5)...
  8. @gumanoid Here you go: https://youtu.be/evxXzNIdlMU (will be fully uploaded in about 1:30h) you can clearly see the week 35 chip does 200MHz whith the same settings as the 44 does 166. Just so that you know: if you upload a better result with a 166 i'll also ask for video proof... There are a couple of old threads where you can find clues that not all MMX 166 are locked just google "pentium mmx 166 multiplier" and do some digging there have been several people who managed to get these chips to 3x... Please do some reserach before accusing people of cheating
  9. @GRIFF try some chips made before week 40 of 1997, around that time it seems that the multi has been locked :)
  10. Worked fine for me, also for HAVLI: http://hwbot.org/submission/3804103 Heven't tried 3.5x since i don't need it :)