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  1. ugh. I see that now. I used the wrong BG in all the pro subs.
  2. I think the actual score window is required, not the web browser page. Might want to rerun before the end of comp.
  3. yeah - didn't help any in Pi. odd that these GS Royals do 4000c12 with rtls of 48/49/6/6
  4. I know, right? Why GS feels they need to put LEDs on these is beyond me (pretty tho). I used my settings that work on a non-rgb 3600c15 kit and just lowered the vdimm to 1.8V - idk, it worked.
  5. Thanks Dave. yeah, the chip barely gets warm too. I think it's a pretty good 8086K!
  6. from the rules: "A full verification screenshot is required, no clipping, the taskbar and windows time need to be visible" Does this mean the windows taskbar clock?
  7. yo bud - just run the CPU benchmark not the gpu bench.
  8. thx for the comment george. I'll make another sub. Hopefully with a higher score. ;)
  9. I see everything from 5502 to 5504 across multiple runs
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