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  1. I keep getting a server error everytime I try
  2. Amien


    I can't submit and can't PM Massman :(
  3. HWbot won't give me points when there is a higher ranking submission with the same hardware though, right?
  4. Thank you so much for the reply! I have a question. Since I have now submitted a score with 2 cores, doesn't that mean I can no longer strive to improve my score with 1 core because only the best/highest scoring submission for the same hardware gets points?
  5. Indeed. It does not give me the option to set number of active cores . Also according to the rules, hardware unlocked cores need to be submitted under its original name. Prime is a nearly auto submission anyway, not much to change.
  6. Awesomeness! BTW, sorry for the noob question, but the CPU-Z picture says this is an ES, do those records still hold up?
  7. I use the same motherboard, it SHOULD let you change memory timings. Although, im struggling to get past 340 FSB even with FSB 1V
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