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  1. One small note: 3DMark 2001 and PCMark 2002 uploads to 3dmark.com are not supported. Haven't been supported for some time now, so this is nothing new. Sorry, no way to support them without digging up 10 year old backup tapes for code, then disassembling and reverse-engineering it as no source code for the receiving server for these benchmarks exists any more - not going to happen Also for the rest of these legacy benchmarks (03 and onwards, in essence benchmarks that use "modern" SystemInfo): The result upload works for now, but since the products are no longer officially supported, we can't guarantee this will stay so forever. We will not intentionally disable existing support, but if at some point keeping them working would require too large additional development investment, we may stop supporting them on 3DMark.com. Now realistically this would happen only if we embark on a major rewrite of the whole online result system and no such thing is planned in the foreseeable future.
  2. This post is dedicated to those who have called us out on NV LOD BIAS vs AMD Tessellation controls detection. Just going to drop this little tidbit here, snipped from recent SystemInfo test build output XML... <Settings> <Setting> <Name>Texture filtering - LOD Bias</Name> <Type>NVDRS_DWORD_TYPE</Type> <Value>0</Value> </Setting> </Settings>
  3. 12? There's no DX12 test yet! Internally we just call it 3DM and that's how the keys start as well...
  4. You're missing a preset... http://www.futuremark.com/support/update/3dmark/
  5. http://www.3dmark.com/hall-of-fame-2/sky+diver+3dmark+score+performance+preset/version+1.0 So pristine... (currently 0 results)
  6. Files are being distributed to download mirrors as we speak. Steam will update in 30 minutes. Sky Diver time!
  7. "Time measurement data not available" Means that SystemInfo process that is tracking the timers crashed during the run and could not record the timers at the end of the benchmark. Usually this means your overclock is not fully stable. Note that if you get this error on Windows 8, it means "we can't tell if your result is affected by the downclock bug or not". On Windows 7 it means "we can't tell if your result is affected by some fairly obscure BIOS level "tweaks" that mess the timers". It does not automatically mean that the result is invalid, but it also means that the built-in timer checks are not present for this result, so it MAY be invalid, can't tell. "Time measurement data inaccurate" ..means that timers were properly recorded and they are off - something is causing different timers in your system to be out of sync. Most commonly this is due to the Windows 8 downclock bug. Result with this error is definitely invalid.
  8. Latest is actually 4.26... This link will always point to the latest SystemInfo installer; http://www.futuremark.com/downloads/Futuremark_SystemInfo/latest
  9. Not unexpected considering older 3DMarks (06 and older) are effectively CPU marks at this point... Same probably will happen also with Ice Storm which is too lightweight of a test for high end dedicated GPUs.
  10. FYI, updated 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage this week. Minor bugfix updates, no changes to workloads or scores. Details here; http://www.futuremark.com/pressreleases/minor-updates-to-3dmark-11-and-3dmark-vantage
  11. Well, it is still 50% off for the duration of the Steam holiday sale.
  12. Just a heads up, if someone doesn't have a 3DMark Advanced Edition yet (I know, most at HWbot do and some probably have press licenses and so on...), there is a good opportunity of getting it on the cheap for the next ~20 hours; it is available at 90% off on Steam in the Steam holiday sale. (key from steam version can be used with standalone version)
  13. Up to you what rules you follow. Futuremark Hall of Fame requires systems that are actually stable enough to keep SystemInfo process from crashing during the run (which would lead to "not available" error with latest SystemInfo). This is because without it, there is no way to tell if RTC was being messed with. Note that allowing "not available" but disallowing "not accurate" means by your rules it is possible to cheat with the RTC. Would be trivially easy to set up so that SI process is killed during the benchmark run to "cover" any RTC mungling... And yes, it is confirmed possible to cheat the RTC also on Win 7. Just not as trivially (or by accident) as on Windows 8. If you have a reproducible "not available" error on confirmed stable system, please email us the details (hardware config, any result files you have etc.) and we'll investigate.
  14. What do you mean? PhysX hasn't been used since 3DMark Vantage. 3DMark Fire Strike uses DirectCompute for GPU physics. In which way you think the submits are "illegal"? Are you talking about HWBot rules or 3DMark Hall of Fame? Send any suspect score links and state your case against them to info [at] futuremark.com and we'll take a look.
  15. This message means "SystemInfo was disabled or your SystemInfo was older than 4.19, so there is no data about the RTC clocks in the result file. We can't say if your result had funky RTC business or not". And yes, the RTC verification is done on all OSes and on all benchmarks as there are other ways to trick the same effect that Win 8 caused unexpectedly (nope, not going to detail on that...) If you are getting this on SI 4.23, it would imply that the system is not fully stable (the SI process crashed during the benchmark run so it could not get the required RTC data) If you see this on stock clock system, we would like to hear all the details.
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