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  1. I will write you my opinion and my personal knowledge , since you mentioned some facts about the Pluto cores. Yes , many of the low rated Athlon models , have other cores soldered inside them. I have personally seen with my eyes , cores marked us Pluto 700 and 750 , into 600 models (i have one of those). I also have a Pluto 650 with A2 revision core , which is not logical since the A2 revision was introduced with the higher binned Pluto of 800 & 850 (mostly) As a personal knowledge of that era (Athlon Slot A) , i know that the Pluto cores did have a top bench-able speed of 1000 to 1050. Their scaling in cold temperatures was poor. That max top speed at benches was extended further , with the introduce of the Orion cores , by an other 50 Mhz. Consider at this point , that in our case , we are talking about a sample of Pluto 800 at +50% speed 400Mhz is enormous for that cpu gen. When @GRIFF submitted his results with a Pluto 800 , my first thoughts were , that his pcb had a downgraded Orion core. ok , he got lucky (i thought). But right after he published his 2k1 result , i noticed the absence of certain resistors on specific places. Since he wrote by himself , that he doesnt own a GFD , i instantly got skeptical about it. So the most logical thing , was to ask about it. ... and that's exactly what i did. I asked him about the 10X multi issue from the screenshot ... never got a reply. That is why i asked him the front and rear photo's of the cpu-pcb he used.
  2. I dont have to talk to any moderator. I am talking to you directly ... and i asked you a very simple thing. It's in your hands to do it or not.
  3. You dont understand , and perhaps thats because of the English language we are using , and it's not our native language for both of us. I did not questioned your results and your actual cpu speed. Yes , you actually achieved that cpu speed and results. I asked you to provide some specific screenshot , to make sure for the cpu , you used. Your own screenshot , on 2k1 result is this , ok ? http://hwbot.org/submission/3855155_ Tell me how you managed 10x multi , without a resistor at R122 ? Now this is one of your spi 1M results (which was originally declared as other cpu type ... and then edited to Pluto 800). http://hwbot.org/submission/3854708_ As a pure coincidence that result had a 9.5x multi , which by pure luck matches your 950 Orion (but thats only a coincidence). http://hwbot.org/submission/3550471_griff_superpi___1m_athlon_950_(orion_slot_a)_2min_19sec_941ms Now , for your 800 pluto to get a 9.5X multi , means that you have moved for this result the following R121 R122 R123 R124 R156 R157 R158 R3 R5 R6 Am i right ? Lets sum up with some portion of humor. You have overcome the cpu speed (using a Pluto Core) , of every known entry in various historic databases and my personal memories also. You have overcome the well known minimal cold scaling of Pluto cores and you achieved a +50% @1200 You have reached the top binned Orion Core , overclocked speed area. And i ask. When you see a VW Beetle reaching a 200 mile top speed , and the owner says "it's on stock motor" .... then the first thing to ask ? "pop up the hood" That is exactly what i did in your case. I am being skeptical with your results , and i asked to see the actual pcb of this 8th wonder of the world , Pluto 800. Just two good res pictures , would do (front and back pcb) That simple. Your video is no good to me. Gives me nothing of the clues i seek.
  4. Thanks We are ready to go. In fact , Scott is already there
  5. Stage 3 , with Aida64 Memory Read , we'll open soon. There is a minnor system bug. Be patient.
  6. @GRIFF Can you please verify the exact settings used , with your cpu , in this round ? Write down please , voltage , cache divider , multi. Also for verification purposes (to complete as soon as possible) you can post the cpu pcb photographs now , and post later the photo of your plastic cover , when you find it. Thanks
  7. Get ready !!! ROUND 4 - Socket 423 (2000) (No adapters allowed) Stage-1 SuperPI 1M Stage-2 Wprime 32M Stage-3 Aida64 Memory Read Stage-4 3DMark 2001 - GeForce3 series
  8. GRIFF With all due respect , i would like to ask you (regarding your latest submissions) , to provide in this thread , clear photo's of both sides of your cpu pcb. Along with the sticker on board the pcb and the prints from the black plastic cover of the cpu.
  9. Something is wrong with Osibs. There are 20 minutes left ... but the results dont take part to the competition ? ... and team page shows the end of round , approx. 37min ago.
  10. Show us the whole pcb GRIFF. This Pluto 800 , will stay in history ...
  11. Well done kotori-san !!! External pll is the way to go.
  12. Ohh ... what cpu was that ? Great on-line guide , by that German site. They keep a part of O/C history alive.
  13. Miracles !!! I see miracles happening , in this round. People are transforming ... and so does core types also !!!