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  1. You jump started the thread , making it the official bonus round thread ... and you dont have any answers ? Just questions and remarks ? Since you decited to open up this thread , why not prepare a basic description in your opening post ? What's this bonus round for ? Which is the hardware allowed ? What are the stages ? Wallpaper ... and so on. Have a look at the other official round threads of this season.
  2. Bonus Round Mendocino cores only - Non Intel chipset motherboards - SDRAM - all other aspects free (meaning multi cpu allowed and slot-1 to socket 370 adapters allowed).
  3. Με ξεσηκώνετε και θα κάνω καμμιά απερισκεψία ... να θυμηθώ τα παλιά
  4. Normally ... After the end of this round.
  5. Yes , you can use a mobile cpu. Yes it's single gpu only (1 core). Yes , that rarity is out.
  6. Doesnt really matter , because i believe all participants will use 6xxx series to compete. But for typical reasons , the rule for this round applies to all gen cards up to 6xxx series.
  7. I can take a wild guess , that some people may have to work too many hours sometimes , to provide to their families ? No time for football.
  8. Wallpaper for round 5 1280х1024 5 round 1920x1200 5 round By @alexmaj467
  9. Get ready ROUND 5 - Socket 754 (2003) (No adapters allowed) Stage-1 SuperPI 1M Stage-2 HWBOT X265 1080P Stage-3 3DMark2003 - Nvidia series (Up to 6xxx series - single vga - single gpu only) Stage-4 FM Cloudgate - ATI AGP series
  10. TASOS

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    My answer is not specifically for you , just my personal thoughts and just happened to grab your quotes. After 25 years of having overclocking as a hobby , i can say in the most emphatic way , that "when benchmarking was discovered , it instantly killed the pure romance of overclocking" When mass overclocking started , it was all about having more speed (free speed) to our pc's. When Benchmarking started , it was all about making software produce higher numbers. When competitive benchmarking started , it was all about tricking software to produce higher scores ... scores without real life usage. That's my 2 or 5 or 10 cents , expressed very simplified.
  11. TASOS

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    I dont know if my writing is correct this way , but isnt that ? ... "The best things in life , are the simple ones"