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  1. In Nehalem (early) era ... Micron chips ruled D9GTR , D9GTS , D9JNL I'll say that was Cellshock era too.
  2. What's that fusion core application , that keeps alarming and gets restricted by the antivirus ?
  3. Perhaps it's a spec division GF106 144/24/24 192/32/16 192/32/24 (mobile) GF116 144/24/16 192/32/16 Something like that. Anyway In 3DMark99 , most of the participants will aim for a 775 combo. AM2 Nforce chipsets are old and dont support new enough AMD cpu gen (2-cores) , that can battle with a 775 C2D. In this scenario (whatever the gpu selection) wont count that much. Yeah GTS450 was built on both GF106 and GF116.
  4. Alby In DDR2 stage 1)Two times written GF116 core is a typo or wanna add an other GF gen also ? 2)AM2 vs 775 ? ... one score each ? 3) Why leave out Nforce590 and 750 boards ?
  5. Very good score for these clocks. You got yourself a very nice card !!!
  6. Well , since you lost that board from a very fast "pm" If the item price+postage of this add is your budget ... I can offer an Abit NF7-S V2.0
  7. 3DMark03 All tests have been compiled and linked with DirectX 9.0 libraries. However, only a small part of the benchmark requires DirectX 9 hardware. As DirectX 8 hardware is now commonly available, a major portion of tests requires DirectX 8 hardware support. A small part of the benchmark can be run with only DirectX 7 compatible hardware. Note that 3DMark03 is not appropriate for solely evaluating DirectX 7. In simple words GT1 - requires a DX7 capable vga GT2 & GT3 - require a DX8 capable vga GT4 - requires a DX9 capable vga So , geforce2 cards will only run the GT1 test to obtain a score.
  8. Over the last ... lets say several years of buying ram on Ebay , when looking for BH5 and TCCD , i had at least 10 kit , where someone had used the the original BH5 or TCCD ramsink and sticker and the pcb inside was something else. Same applies to DDR2 too , where for example buying Cellshock ram i found NANYA inside. Anyway , there will always be scams on Ebay and other places. P.S. Last post of this kind , cause we messed up the thread. Sorry.
  9. If you are looking for the best of the best , then you'll have to pay for it. You can keep your P4P800 then , no big deal. If TUSL is too pricey for you , then look out for a CUSL (less expensive) ... just keep in mind that Tualatin is the best way to go. If Formula and REX are rare and expensive , go for a UD3R or UD3P Abit for that generation boards (slot1-370-478) was reliable and overclocking friendly.
  10. Everything is possible. We can never really know or be sure about anything. But to be honest , i give much more % in someone switching ram heatsinks to resell Corsair ram on Ebay .... than Corsair switching ram chips under the same label.
  11. There is no golden option. Too many sub-categories and many good strong brands My pick Asus CUSL or TUSL series for socket 370 or Abit BE6-II or ST6 Asus P4C800 series for 478 or Abit IC7 series Rampage Formula or Extreme for 775
  12. That is the only result of the list , presented as Winbond and i believe it's a typo. G.skill and Corsair had and still have a certain labeling system for their ram products ... they never alter their labeling. Version X is always a specific manufacturer.
  13. Who has tested compatibility with various boards ? Is there a list ? What's the final cost of this device ?
  14. 99% of known ram modules labeled as v5.x are PROMOS. Winbond is not present in v5.x labels https://forum.corsair.com/v2/showthread.php?t=44365&t=44365
  15. 1)About the notebook thing ... i wrote above 2)Could be easier if limitation is ... everything except Asrock XXX ? 3)I got it ... it was the xeon part that got me confused Thanks
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