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  1. Allowed. Let me know , if you (or anybody else) have any other requests.
  2. In favor of bigger participation , i decided to remove the difficulty factor from this round. Which was indeed , trying to run the (Intel unlocked) SMP feature of Celeron PPGA's ... Since it requires above average modding skills , on both hardware and bios level . When i saw old members , experienced members , getting the wrong dual boards or assuming they had the right dual boards ... I realized that the "art" of running dual ppga celerons was a bit forgotten. Buried deep into hardware history. Sad , but a reality. So Easy , plain simple stage , for everybody. No dual celerons And slot-1 adapter allowed Have fun !!!
  3. Yes you are correct. http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/osibs_s3r4/3380/cinebench_2003 All teams started with single cpu , until OnisA from XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy , posted a score with dual cpu's After that , the teams adjusted their entries. Scott I havent changed the specs of this round. There was no mention about cpu count , from the start. You could have written your opinion in the preparation thread earlier. Why now ?
  4. I agree with you , on the second part of your phrase. On the first part , no. Because since the Abit BP6 era , the pc industry created a special product category for home users. Dual socket boards where not server-workstation only (not anymore). Boards like BP6 , VP6 , A7M266-D .... up to later models such as EVGA SR-2 , were not server products. They were dual cpu boards for home users.
  5. If you are lucky to have a dual cpu board (like Abit VP6) which can SMP Mendocino ... you can use it.
  6. You can use any board , with VIA , SIS , Ali chipset and SDRAM. In case you have a hybrid board with both SDRAM and DDR , you can use it with SDRAM only. I hope it's clear enough.
  7. Please lets stay as close as possible to the Mendocino era !!! Meaning , lets stick to SDRAM only. Gregor Please adjust the competition page , with the available chipset options for VIA , SIS and Ali
  8. The general idea for this OSIBS , is pure stages , no adapters. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/171301-osibs-season-4-design-thread/?page=4
  9. Please follow the general rule guideline , which is (Mendocino cores only) (Non Intel chipset motherboards) (No server hardware allowed-only desktop products) <= General rule for all hwbot competitions , and also specifically for osibs to avoid ServerWorks chipset boards What's left ? Plenty of boards with VIA Apollo Pro133A I hope i helped you.
  10. For this round , the percentage % stage , went wrong , cause of the cpu-z bug , especially on non-Ali chipset boards. The good thing , is that Strunkenbold's move , contacting Franck Delattre about it , will provide us a better cpu-z for future use. I thank them both (Gregor and Frank). As a sidenote , just to laugh a little ... imagine all of us to have picked an other proposal for OSIBS (use of older 486 systems) Personally i feel sad about making a bad choice for this stage ... my goal was to have fun and not cause trouble to participants and moderating team also. Although i dont think anyone had the intention to cheat in this round. I would have expected more of a cpu variety (regarding AMD K6's) in this round , but it seems that most of us played safe with Intel MMX , instead of experimenting with the AMD's. Perhaps this round needed some more time ... cause of the general situation of Hwbot , the past weeks. Anyway ... I am also sad , because my GA-5AX went bad during testing ... and now i have to try and fix it (if it's possible) or replace it (even harder). My other board , a FIC , Via chipset , was constantly reporting 1X multi only (whatever Intel MMX cpu i used) and i chose not to present any scores , cause they looked weird. Congrats to all participants ... and see you all in next round !!! Have fun !!!
  11. You are both willing to take a risk , on a board you cant easily replace ???
  12. HWBOT Forums going down for migration to InvisionPB

    For example , look how the Japanese characters show up in the thread below ... and i can send you a pm , to see how the Greek characters of older pm's look like.
  13. HWBOT Forums going down for migration to InvisionPB

    Do other users have problem with text written in non-english language ? I see old forum posts not appearing correctly and forum pm's also. Encoding problem ? System characters used ?
  14. First LN2 overclock session in history

    Thanks for all your effort to make this thread complete. It was a great move.