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  1. True. XMS3205 V1.2 are CH5
  2. https://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114
  3. I agree with the comments above. Keep in mind that the quality of the cpu for socket 939 is crucial. Also you have to test if a cpu with 512kb cache (instead of 1mb) is better for your memory testing. An other aspect is the bios that you will use , to have the proper memory table for BH5 or TCCD.
  4. Rare board indeed !!! One of the best options for socket A overclocking. I've seen board only sales going over 150 euro on ebay ... and this sale is an overall very good combo , including good cpu's and ram , modding work for voltages and bios chip , extra heatsinks and ... parts of the original boxes and accessories. Good luck with your sale.
  5. The mods removed results with much lower variation over the limit (even at 0.1) ... ( if that fact makes you feel better). Your 0.8 and 0.9 seems big But you are right about the software issue. The smart guys used the software that didnt show the decimal part and actually got away with it. ?
  6. @GRIFF If we want more people to participate , but without altering the basic idea , then the vga limitation should be set as R200 core only. That option will keep the general vga characteristics but will allow 3 more vga models.
  7. I have never ever seen an ASUS CUS266 board. To be honest , i believe it only existed as an exhibit sample.
  8. Could it be ... 1) Aristidis is too fast for his settings 2) Others are too slow for theirs 3) Both
  9. TASOS

    rare mobos/ddr/ddr2

    This set of ram for me Thanks
  10. And also , for his 7sec 437ms has chosen to disable it for all rankings.
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