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  1. TASOS

    OSiBS season 4 design thread

    Sorry for the late reply , but real-life comes first. Now ... You were asked at the time of that specific stage , to provide some solid proof about your results , that were questioned by me. You failed to provide the total amount of info i asked you. At first you couldnt find the plastic cartridge of your cpu , which had to match the S/N of the cpu sticker. You never verified your air-cooled results. You double edited your results (at first you presented an Athlon 850 ... the it became an Athlon 800 ... and then whatever suited you) Your Orion core cpu's by pure accident was damaged and no longer available. You never showed the actual core of the cpu when providing video's afterwards. You were proposed to send your cpu for result verification , to other respected community members ... and you REFUSED. You wrote that "who ever wants to verify results , could come to your place only" Now you appear months afterwards , to propose what exactly ??? Did you find a way to remove your pcb sticker without leaving marks ??? ... or your sticker is altered from humidity ??? I could have easily accepted that i was wrong if you had decited to do some very simple things. You are no good to me anymore ... so does your proof methods. You are lucky , that hwbot is going through a difficult phase at the moment and doesnt have enough human recourses. Feel free to think you are the best. Congrats !!! I can sleep at night with a clear conscious. End of story.
  2. TASOS

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    Slot-A cpu's are a bit more complicated (regarding picture verification). Yes , they have a sticker at the backside of their pcb , which contains useful info in the form of a serial number (which can be decoded). That S/N must be the exact same printed on top of their plastic cartridge. But at the same time , there has to be a core picture also (from the front side of the pcb) to verify the exact core used by AMD (cause AMD did some "magic" back then). That procedure can not be asked from a regular user. Only experienced members with cpu's cracked open can provide all these verification info. That's why i had to question some of GRIFF's results in this year OSIBS. Too good cpu results , with not all verification elements available (when asked). Meaning , that he provided some of the verification pictures mentioned above , but never the front side of the cpu (at the same time). .- Now regarding the general idea of this conversation. We can all agree that each one of us can help the moderating team , by simply adding extra info (when needed) either by adding extra photo's and proof or by writing down info at the text area. We must do our best to keep the rules at all time. It'a a matter of goodwill. ... and Gregor , dont leave your post. We need you here !!!
  3. TASOS

    OSiBS season 4 design thread

    Hwbot crew must validate the results in question along with the other results. In general they have to moderate all results. I dont now how they will handle "unchecked" results instead of "validated" , when cpuid validation links were involved. Final check must be made is total sums (system calculations are ok ?) After that , this year OSIBS must be awarded to the most consistent and loyal team , which has members with honesty and pure o/c spirit. ... and that team must be Warp9 , if i'm not mistaken.
  4. Are we going to keep the limitation of Venice core only at stage-2 ? I ask cause i just saw a recent edit at a DDR2 stage (where cpu options were already plenty).
  5. TASOS

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    @TAGG No problem I just offered you an alternative , just in case ... you will be more than fine at OCN. It's sad to see people want to take part in big competitions and not beeing able to. I remember Mr Paco , years ago having the same problem (and even worst than your case) ... and it didnt felt good.
  6. TASOS

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Feel free to come and join , if you like.
  7. TASOS

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    I dont want to get into any details at the moment. But believe me , there's a certain kind of difficulty in this (754) stage , otherwise i wouldnt insist.
  8. TASOS

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Please re-consider Things are not that simple as they seem. There are only 4 cpu's in total with venice core , the one is a special case ... and you are asking the teams to have 3 on 3. While 3400+ is limited in the current market ... and too expensive for what it offers. ... and i'm not sure , you've found a 754 Venice 3400+ on ebay.de Plenty of other core types by theway.
  9. TASOS

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    I agree with Bones There are very limited choices of Venice core cpu's on 754 , when asking for 3 different cpu. Lets add Newcastle and Clawhammer. You could even ask for one result from each core , that way. 1 Venice - 1 Newcastle - 1 Clawhammer
  10. This Bonus Round is aimed at running dual Mendocino's on Non-Intel chipset motherboards. You can use native socket370 boards or Slot-1 boards with adapters. The wallpaper to use 1280x1024 Bonus round 1920x1200 Bonus round Stage-1 (currently closed) Wprime 1024M https://hwbot.org/competition/osibs_s4r2_copy/stage/4233_wprime_-_1024m/ Stage-2 Wprime 32M https://hwbot.org/competition/osibs_s4r2_copy/stage/4234_wprime_-_32m/ Stage-3 Cinebench 2003 https://hwbot.org/competition/osibs_s4r2_copy/stage/4235_cinebench_-_2003/
  11. All these are E5 stepping , released in 2005 , so it's no different than 939 socket cpu's. They all suffer from cold bug (more or less). You need to have luck and a good stepping code , to play cold.
  12. TASOS

    Moving Sale Consolidated

    Radeon 9250 $5+ship 8400gs pci $5+ship Athlon 64 4200+ $5 each +ship 2x2gb ddr2 1100 gskill pi $15+ship for set 2x2gb mushkin ddr2 $10+ship for kit If you can tell me what kind of ram this is ill add it to any order => 256K Pipeline Burst Cache 2x 2gb ampx ddr2 $10+ship 4x 4gb non-ecc ddr2, good for high capacity with am3 chips on am2+ boards $20+ship for lot
  13. You jump started the thread , making it the official bonus round thread ... and you dont have any answers ? Just questions and remarks ? Since you decited to open up this thread , why not prepare a basic description in your opening post ? What's this bonus round for ? Which is the hardware allowed ? What are the stages ? Wallpaper ... and so on. Have a look at the other official round threads of this season.
  14. Bonus Round Mendocino cores only - Non Intel chipset motherboards - SDRAM - all other aspects free (meaning multi cpu allowed and slot-1 to socket 370 adapters allowed).