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  1. You can track links from the original post at XS http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?126014-Hipro-Maximizer-powered-DDR2 You can download from web archive https://web.archive.org/web/20111125030212/http://www.hipro-tech.com:80/pdf/English.pdf
  2. True ... but Are you talking about minority complaining or majority complaining here ? Correct me if i'm wrong. But , didnt the majority of hwbot users decited against this new ranking system , regarding this new Intel miracle cpu gen ??? (on the earlier thread). Why force it ? Since hwbot decited to vanish the "happy user" factor , there must be somekind of bigger "gain" elsewhere. What would that be ? honestly asking ? P.S. Anyway ... I really hope you wont find a way to put this Intel gen , into the single core and dual core categories. On the other hand , why not ? Lets trash those rare L3014 Xeons , those good cold samples of Semprons and also the legendary duals like E8600 Sorry Alby , sorry for being sarcastic , but i cant go along with you (meaning the hwbot) on this one.
  3. Very very good score Obi !!! You've run your ram very good also. But ,you have to try some other ram now.
  4. No no no no ... no way Have a drink , it's on me 🍻
  5. @Leeghoofd Alby I noticed that there are still benchmarks (rules) in regular or beta state , that require cpu-z version 1.94+ I thought that since Jan 2021 we were supposed to use version 1.96+ Typo or something else ?
  6. @Leeghoofd The latest rule version for this bench https://hwbot.org/rules?referenceId=5338 The link downloads version 6.33.5741 !!! ... and there is no version 6.33.5749 beta , at the official site. https://www.aida64.com/downloads Regular version is 6.33.5700 Beta version is 6.33.5772 I understand this is considered as beta bench for hwbot But ... What do we use ??
  7. Let's keep it simple. Number of cores are .... , number of cores. End of story.
  8. It was a great Team Cup. Congrats to all people involved and with their efforts made this a successful contest. Of cource congrats to the winning team ... and thumbs up to all participants. P.S. @Leeghoofd ... positions are final ? Done moderating with all reported results ?
  9. I tested with an 800fsb , 2.4Ghz Northwood. It booted at 12x100fsb With 3:4 mem divider , i can bios boot up to 158fsb and raise max 161 within windows (that's 215 mem) With 1:1 mem divider , i can bios boot up to 166fsb and raise max 211 within windows https://valid.x86.fr/ne8uei The board seems to have somekind of watch dog active and whenever it passes certain oc values , it resets to default. Next weekend i will test different bios versions.
  10. If i'm not mistaken , team wall (and user wall) were working two weeks ago.
  11. Not sure. I tried version 4.1 but it froze OS ... i will check with older versions. At least i have a working cpucool , cause max bios boot at the moment is 152
  12. Yes That result was the final (with that cpu). Next weekend i'm going to test an 800 fsb cpu (not need for bsel) it will boot at 100 ... and i need to find some suitable hardware for vga and hard disk (i had problems with this Maxtor i used).
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