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  1. At your first post i was kind of skeptical about you. To be honest , i said to myself "come on that's MrGenius posting" let's be positive , lets see what he really means with his post. But after your 2nd post i am 100% certain. I wont get into technical details you cant follow up ... so i wont answer you. I dont know where you come from , but in my place you are the kind of man we call "Karagiozis" It's a historical figure that you need to study to broaden your knowledge. This little video is deticated to you (please dont jump into any conclusion in a hurry ... take your time , seriously). P.S. I understand that you didnt get the meaning of my emoticon in the first place , so please do your best this time 🚯🚯🚯
  2. You seem to have a very solid opinion for something that you havent actually seen or even touch ... and also dont have a clue what exactly it is , how it works , what it adjusts ... and so on. It's like someone comes here after a decade and writes that current "epower devices are totally unnecessary in most cases" 🚯
  3. @hipro5 I have one too And i also have all adapter variants (ddr-ddr2-ddr3) Great device and very overclocking friendly ... it was a must have back then !!! Here are some product pics The good old i4memory , still hosts some review pictures of the maximizer device http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/memory/hipro_maximizer/html/
  4. Good luck , finding one It took me 7 years to get one. Unfortunately it's a rare item nowadays.
  5. These are known chips. Back in the day ... they were commonly used in Kingston Value Ram KVR333X64C25 ... and they are Winbond BH-6
  6. TASOS

    evga evbot

    EVBot is sold. @fulviop I hope you enjoy it
  7. TASOS

    evga evbot

    I want to be crystal clear on this. First priority is for the thread starter , fulviop All other offers i got through pm's , are on hold for now.
  8. TASOS

    evga evbot

    Pictures as requested. Original box Evbot Manual CD-Rom All four cables (the 3 red ones for the vga ports are unopened).
  9. TASOS

    evga evbot

    I have one. With original box and all cables included.
  10. TASOS

    [WTB] Asus LCD Poster

    Hi I checked and found one brand new (unused) lcd poster. I'll pm you about it.
  11. The MSI , Limited Edition of GTX-465 Golden Edition (All Copper) is on its way. Boxed and with it's accessories. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. TASOS

    [WTB] Asus LCD Poster

    If you are not in a hurry. I can have a look during weekend. I think i might have a second one ... or even a third one
  13. You are a masterpiece The one and only. ㊗️ P.S. If that famous "red button" really exists ... can somebody please press it I believe it's an emergency 🆘 @richba5tard @Leeghoofd
  14. @liq_met Congrats for your new WR !!! 🥇 🤣
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