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  1. Thanks This little board can do high mem easily. The Ram used is random picked 6800CL34 All you have to do is find a nice imc cpu for it.
  2. Hi everybody Are we going to host both preset ? Steel Nomad Steel Nomad Light ... and what about the different setting inside the bench (DX12 and Vulkan) ? It seems that Vulkan setting scores higher than DX12. Hwbot thoughts ?
  3. Alby Dragon Power is for cpu tuning Dragon Ball is for ram
  4. I see Dragon Ball ( is working ... so i guess there is no newer version ?
  5. Any MSI oc tools available for this board ? Dragon Power/Ball ?
  6. Any chance we can gain 15 more days in Sept ? July = full time job Aug = Vacation time-family time Sept = more free time
  7. The links are dead , i'm not sure this is a browser related problem. (same message in both chrome and firefox). @Leeghoofd
  8. Nice score , nothing fancy. 🙂 How can you tell during the bench , that the run is going well , when you dont have the fps info from the counter ? I wonder how difficult is it for a UL (Futuremark) programmer to fix that 999 fps limit for the bench screen.
  9. Why cpuz reports a 865 chipset ?
  10. Hmm So what did the Abit IS7 had , that all the other brands (including other Abit boards) did not have ? (regarding P4 mobiles working out of the box) ?
  11. How do you edit the asus bios ? which tool ? How did you implement the mobile microcode ? you have the microcode as a file in hand ? edit Many years ago i was trying (with no luck) to extract the microcode from an Abit bios and implement it to Asus ... but never managed to do it. I always had some kind of checksum mismatch stopping me 😄
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