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  1. That is indeed (and more) the price range of a GTX 480 Lightning. Yes it is a very rare card But it looks like , you were not looking that hard , because i recently sold one of my cards in here.
  2. Congrats to the winner Aussies !!! Many thanks to the Hwbot staff !!! Congrats to all passionate people who "fought" with whatever they had in hand !!! CU all and even more in next CC !!!
  3. Congrats Very nice score !!! P.S. Το ίδιο λάθος έχει και το σκόρ του kostandr. Λογικά θα ανεβάσει άλλο.
  4. Nothing special , it was a marketing product. (kind of collector's item). Companies back then , used to offer "special edition" products from time to time. Abit had the "Casper" , Asus had the "Black Pearl" , Aopen had the "Millenium edition" , and so on. Dont expect to have any performance gain compared to a regular CUSL2
  5. The MSI , GTX-480 Lightning is on its way. Boxed and with some accessories. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. I have the feeling , that they will show up ... even at the last minute. We'll see
  7. George I am not talking about members of H.O.T. (i've already notified everybody , with mails , pm's , forum posts). I am expecting the "big boys" We are very few left , we don't have the luxury to spare anybody nowadays.
  8. Let's hope that you (+ one more person) are not the only members showing interest in Country Cup.
  9. George You should check stage 7 and afterwards for your hardware.
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