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  1. TASOS

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year to ALL !!! Lets wish for good health and happiness for everybody.
  2. TASOS

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Congrats to the winning team ... and to all participants for their effort !!! Many thanks to all people involved for , setup-run-moderating , this competition !!! Happy New Year !!!
  3. Lets try to keep those benches that are as close as possible to real 3D benching (less cpu speed impact ... 3DMark01 will be an exception) Keep at least one of each DirectX gen (so we can still use old gen vga's) Lets consider adding different presets to Vantage and 11 (i would vote for 11 extreme) Lets add some Heaven also.
  4. Yes , that's a nice move for 2019 But in the meanwhile , delete all GTPP and HTPP for Hwbot prime and UCbench , that dont exist but keep altering the Team Rankings.
  5. I have the right to disagree ... and i do.
  6. All of them , except XTU , because it's Intel only and it's buggy. A couple of remarks to consider and listen to other members opinion. *Cinebench R11.5 is the only modern cinebench that allows 32bit systems to compete , should we give them a chance for globals ??? *Should we define a cpu core cut off ,(lets say up to 32cores) to get rid of those server systems from rankings ???
  7. Yes I agree that is not relative to the point algorithm. But it's an example of "not fair handle" in between similar facts about team points. In case 1 , we dont want TPP from inactive members In case 2 , we award teams with HTPP and GTPP , for non existent benchmarks and buggy benchmarks too. I dont know if you undestand what i'm trying to say here. EDIT : i was referring to ucbench and hwbot prime
  8. At this point , i would like to remind (once again) , that teams still get TPP , from buggy and non existent benchmarks The first time i mentioned that a couple of months ago ... i was not listened. And now we are talking about removing TPP from inactive team members. I dont know where we are heading.
  9. You are asking me to explain , why your phrase (expression) was totally wrong from the moment you started typing ? I do not wish to do this in public.
  10. Why ? Not worth it ? Not deserved ? .... and we have to do this , just for the shake of less server load ???
  11. No comment. You just wrote history. I really hope it was a bad expression in English language ... or a bad moment.
  12. We can also pretend , that OC LEGENDS of the past .... were never here !!! Lets delete them all.
  13. Scott If an old team member , with a 10 year old sub , is still best of it's class ... (today's team benchers cant even come close to his scores) , no TPP ???
  14. I voted for 2 leagues , but i would prefer a 3 league solution , being as : 1 - Rookies/Novice (aircooled - watercooled setups only) 6 months time frame 2 - Amateurs/Hobbyists (everything goes) 3 - Elite/Pros/Sponsored
  15. @richba5tard Can you please go into any Team wall ... and press the "Team rankings" tab and the "Achievements" tab , and tell me if it functions properly ?