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  1. Start running each subtest alone ... and re-run and re-run , and you will see miracles happening * and , yes i confirmed that the pc i tested had Samsung magician installed , with rapid mode enabled.
  2. These tests were performed on a office pc , that is used for logistics and internet. I have no clue if there is any kind of extra software installed , but i will check next time.
  3. I did 3 runs within a 10min period with a single Samsung 860 Evo on a Sata2 controler. 1st run scored 1611 2nd scored 1962 3rd scored 3071 ? Which one should i submit ?
  4. Are we really sure about this benchmark ... ? Is it tested enough ? Does it produce consistent results or are we playing lottery once more ? I get different results each time i run it ... and i'm also getting big difference in scoring when running each subtest alone
  5. You will need more than cooling , for a proper 3D session. The board needs hardware mods for VRM section and Vdrop (voltage section is too weak). Although , the best solution in an external voltage feed. (epower) Good luck with your future testing and benching. 🙂
  6. Congrats for a great result !!! It looks like you have a very capable board also. Have you tested if you can achieve similar frequency with a Conroe core ? Wolfdale core might have helped a bit , i think.
  7. TASOS

    It's back!!

    @Leeghoofd The result of the final place from the recent stages of the Challenger competition , keeps popping up every day since March 26th
  8. Lets hope MetalRacer doesnt see this. P.S. and please dont become a MetalRacer yourself 🙂
  9. TASOS

    It's back!!

    It seems that almost all users have their wall functionality restored from today. Team wall next ???
  10. liq_met is probably doing it for fun .... MetalRacer is doing this , because it is the right thing to do. P.S. Did i say congrats to MetalRacer for finally getting the No2 spot in this Round 1 ? Congrats MetalRacer.
  11. Congrats to @MetalRacer for gaining that No2 spot in this round I made an honest mistake and MetalRacer (as a true sportsman) quickly took advantage of it by reporting me. But as you said , rules are rules. So , congrats ones more for that No2 spot , that you deserved ... , that you were given. Also congrats for your brand new achievement !!! 👏
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