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  1. Congrats to the winning team of Australia !!! Congrats to them , cause they are committed to having fun !!! Congrats to them , cause they are a true TEAM !!! Congrats to them , cause they show what team spirit and national pride , really means !!! A well deserved 4th in a row !!! 🏆
  2. Is there any chance that version 1.1 scores higher than 1.2 ? or there is something wrong with my system ?
  3. Well ... it's a tough situation. In house benchers must be awarded , because they work hard for their top results and of cource they are very skilled . But at the end of the day , a common extreme user will never have the same chances to achieve top numbers. Binned hardware and special software , will always give that extra boost to the "insiders". Skills alone will never be enough ... you need the means (materials) too.
  4. I see forum improvements , so things are getting better. Keep up the good work !!!
  5. Any chance for a quick fix ? It's important now due to CC running.
  6. Roman It's time to take action. Too many problems occured the last couple of months. You must show signs of life. Regular Hwbot Users , see only ONE person running like a rabbit from one place to an other , trying to do everything in his power (that's Alby) @Leeghoofd @der8auer Ask others for help , if it is something that you cant handle by your own. We need to keep this place alive.
  7. If it's collection items you are looking for (boxed or rare items). I might have some for sale , mainly from my MSI collection of Hawks and Lightnings. If you are looking for bench hardware (insulated,vmodded ...) then not me.
  8. You've got an odd card. GT740 .... with 4GB of GDDR3 ??? You should contact their support (already a legacy product) rma@viewmax.us
  9. Just by looking at the database it seems that the Nvidia are no go. But the min. requirements may be different. I see 256MB vga's also... and ATI/AMD 1xxx , 2xxx and 3xxx series. Just switch to ATI-AMD ?
  10. I flashed the EBED version , on my version 2.0 , 8RDA3I Everything worked smoothly , and the board bios booted and memtested up to 240 with 2x512MB and 245 with 2x256MB I will further test , when i have more free time. Thank you.
  11. Thank you I will test your bios next weekend. Yes i already have a pre-programmed backup bios chip for this board.
  12. Anyone care to mod an Epox bios ... (or anyone already have a modded one) ? It's about the EP-8RDA3I (non Pro) ... sample photo It's the board without the Sata ports ... and has the older 256kb bios. The latest version available is the rda34729.bin (29/07/2004) rda34729.bin
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