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  1. Why should we? I guess him as well as me are just hoping to be able to use current Gen CPU without the need to update the MoBo as well. I am wondering if MOCF and OCF Bios are so different? Maybe it is easier to adjust MOCF bios to OCF than to add the Microcode/Core Selection. Still hoping someone will do it sometime. I would if I knew how to do it.
  2. Since @NickShihdid not log in here since April 2017 I think the chance is pretty low we will see that. I would be more than interested in a current version for non M-version. Maybe we can all collect a donation and convince him to do a new version
  3. I just found my way to this topic via another site and I m pretty excited about this MOD. Some quick questions though: - so I boot regular (skylake or Kabylake), go to BIOS overwrite my 7.60 with 7.51D and the insert Coffe Lake CPU (modded)? - does my Skylake work with the modbios afterwards, or not? I read somewhere above that Kabylakes work - The 7.51 seems to not include the Meltdown/Spectre microcode, correct? So the CPU is not protected then? - What exactly is those 2 pins that we are connecting? (on Kaby and on Coffee), so what am I connecting? - do you see the chance that Windows will get an update/patch/Microcode that will prevent this mod from working ? - I assume the power draw of the 8700K is something higher than 6700K (which I own), the OCF should be able to handle this, right? I dont suppose I need to connect the full 12 EPS-pins? (Currently I am only using the 4+4, but the OCFM does only have 4+4 anyway). Thanks for answering this.
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